Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Urban Decay Haul, featuring Pulp Fiction & More

So  I did actually scream when MAC announced the Rocky Horror collection but in the meantime the Pulp Fiction Collection from Urban Decay really caught my eye!

Overview of what I picked up
 First of all, it is a hugely iconic film and being an avid lover of all things Tarantino, I HAD to buy the palette. PLUS, at just £17.50 it seemed really rude not to! (Almost like me saying "No Thanks UD, I like to pay £36+ for your palettes" ;) so I really could not leave Debenhams without it...).

Close up of Palette
Swatches of Palette Colours

The first thing I have to say is that this palette is just extremely good value for money.
The shadows are so soft and butterey, blending like a dream! The colour pigmentation is so strong and y'all know I keep on saying Sugarpill need to release a nude palette, because even though we like nude shades, that doesn't mean we don't want any colour payoff!? UD hit the pigment hard which I like. The White, , is slightly shimmery too and that mixes it up a bit. I think if you're still umming and arring, just go buy it!? What's £17.50? A pair of shoes or a jumper from Primark!?
Upon first look I thought that the Black/White duo of Furious & Anger would be similar to my Nars duo eyeshadow in Pandora; take a look at the comparison below...
Furious/Anger, Pandora
I think I prefer Anger as a white and Pandora's black aha!

I then remembered I don't actually own any of their recent lipsticks so decided to have a gander. After just recently purchasing a whole load of new bright lippies from the drugstore I couldn't justify anymore bright pinks...I have too many red as is, but I do love nudes and I need a good replacement for when my Viva Glam Gaga runs out! So this lipstick in Naked2 was a must, I then remembered that I needed a nude lip liner so the Naked2 of that seemed like a great idea too ;D

Lipstick left, Liner right.
The liner is just slightly deeper in colour, completely matte and very smooth. The lipstick is a bit more satin than the liner (still more matte than satin though as a finish in itself) and is so creamy. It just looks beautiful applied to the lips. I find the duo together last a good long while with me drinking from a cup etc. I will definitely be buying more liners!

After this I then had to make it up to over £50 to get Debenhams' special offer of an extra £10 worth of points! (Of course!?) so I ended up purchasing one of the new flushed palettes-I already have the original so Streak looked like the next best one for my colouring.

I was a tad upset when I got home that my palette has been kinda pushed over to the left, however, it is quite sturdy in there (just a few millimetres space to the right) and I have been using it with no problems nonetheless :) I am sure you know it's disappointing when this kinda thing happens though :(... In my swatches it kinda shows the bronzer part as being shimmery, this really does not show shimmery when applied to my skin at least not really noticeably. I use it as a contour over my scarring and it doesn't show them up more so. I love the blush colour, I think it's so gorgeous :') I really love the original but I find this one so much easier to just whack on when in a rush. A* product.

Well Done UD, I am so converted to you over Benefit!? Benefit just kinda cheat me out with their staff, I find UD Staff so much less pushy, anybody else?
Hope you like my overview and I highly recommend you go get the Pulp Fiction Palette! x x x

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  1. I'm so behind - I didn't even know there was a Pulp Fiction collection! There's no UD counter in my local Debs so can't vouch for the staff, but your palettes looks so pretty! xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog