Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kelly's Wedding Outfit & Makeup Planning :') x

I am so happy that Kelly's getting Married and cannot wait to see how pretty she and everyone else looks at the reception this Saturday :')

After talking to a few people about what they're wearing I decided what I had originally planned was a little too Winter-ey Autumn-ey, so, This is what I've changed my mind too!

This dress' fleur de lis, baroque, damasked type pattern is actually fluffy or a bit like velvet material :') I bought this dress from Quiz at Debenhams for around £15.99 (but it had a small rip so I got it for £9.99). Quiz do really nice, affordable dresses and can be found at larger Debenhams'.

I also LOVE peplums as they hide my little belly roll perfectly ;) and create the illusion of a smaller waist-what's not to love?!

When I first wore this dress I wore some Silver Patent Lipsy Heels but they were so uncomfortable and I really don't think the harsh point on them is very flattering, so, I've picked out these two pairs. If I wear the silver pair, I'll wear silver accessories and vice versa :) The top black pair were from an independent little shoe shop in my village, but it's no longer there! :( The bottom Silver pair are from Monsoon :) I believe I got these in last summers' sale for around £9.99

The Rings I've picked out to choose from :)

Out of all of these I think I prefer the Black Rock or Black Rose....But, we shall see :)

My Necklaces I picked out :)
These are the necklaces I picked out, I think the first top left really isn't very good, but when I have it all on it may look better, same goes for bottom left :S I quite like the long (top right) leopard head BUT! I really love the childish Hello Kitty Necklace of all!! Not sure it's the best one to wear though :/

Here's the Make Up Design I've created for this look:

Kelly's Wedding Makeup (for me)
The lips in the drawing are quite dark to the colour I am actually going to use, I am planning on using LOOK Beauty's Double Hit Lip in Rose Riot :) Which is a pale rose pink. I am considering wearing false lashes, but then again I don't want to look overally fake, so, I shall see what it all looks like on the day :/
I also am hoping the eyes will be exactly like this, I am planning to use MAC's paint pot in Bare Study washed over my eyes and then have a small amount of Illamasqua's Feline Powder eyeshadow just really well blended out of the crease and then have a very, very silver liner-for which I'll probably end up using something like Stilas' eyeshadow pot in Ice (though, I am reluctant to do so as it'll smudge and budge quite easily :/)
I plan to wear very, very minimal blush (Benefit's Thrrrob most likely) as I know I'll be dancing a lot and therefore end up looking very red towards the end! haha!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rianna's 18th Outfit & Makeup Planning :D

My good friend Rianna is finally turning 18! You know what that means ;) A posh Party at the Guildhall apparently! Well, I am only assuming it's posh because of where it is, but I am sure she'll look absolutely gorgeous. She's so tall & pretty (really, she should be a model) she has the BIGGEST eyes! N'aww I could literally spend all day talking about how much I love this girl, she truly is the kindest person I know :3 So, a Fantastic Night is in store as I will not allow anything less!

Here's the dress I plan to wear...

I picked this up in the Jane Norman sale for....wait for it.....a QUID. :O I am not even joking-I am a truly amazing Bargain Hunter ;) David Dickinson himself would be proud :P

It does look really nice on, it hugs in all the right places ;) I kinda wish I had some nice Nude coloured Courts to wear with it, but unfortunately I do not :( (with Thanks to Ed for that :P) I am sure I can find some shoes that will look alright though!

The Rings I am going to choose from...

I have picked out these statement rings to choose from. As this dress has such fantastic neck detail a ring is all I feel I need to wear with this. I'll probably go with the one on the far left as it shares very similar colours to those on the neck detailing 8)

Here's one I just bought yesterday, hence it's not pictured with the others, but I think it's actually pretty perfect :')

The Shoes I'll be choosing from :)

These are the shoes I am currently considering to wear. Though none particularly pop out at me :/
We shall see! I've never NOT been able to find a pair of shoes that worked so, I am determined whatever I choose will look good :P My bets are currently on the Silver Lipsy's at the moment though XD

Here's the makeup Design I came up with....

Riri's 18th Makeup Design (for me)

If you didn't already know this, I am telling you now-I LOVE purple eyeshadows. I find them really, really addictive. This is why ANYWHERE I CAN I put in a design with purple ;) For the eyes here, I really want them to bring out the same colours as the statement jewels around the neck such as Softer Reds,  Purples & a Small amount of black kohl smudged into the lash line for framing the eyes :') oh wow, it sounds great to me already!! Seeing as with the Dress being the top is very detailed and the bottom isn't I plan to just contour my face and wear a nude lipstick so features are accentuated nicely but nothing clashing.

Monday, 27 May 2013

52 Weeks of Delicious Nails, 27.5.13 Purple & Butterflies :) x

I am so bummed out that the Sun just hasn't made much of an appearance as of recent :S It's supposed to be really nice weather in Britain now, I mean COME ON! I guess it's still early days though, I mean July & August are proper Summer, yeah? ....hmmm.... D:

Well, this week is half term and I wanted some nails that aren't really summery in case the sun doesn't appear and that also go with my dress for Riri's this coming Friday. And with that criteria this is what I came up with!

My Left Hand

Now, my Right hand I could not get a good picture of, so I decided it was better left out. To describe it to you though, it looks exactly the same only the butterfly on the thumb is white with grey :)
The Purple shade is my latest addition from Sally Hansen's complete Salon manicure range: 470 Purple Pulse & the Butterfly is from a wheel full of them from poundland, I mentioned it before in one of my January posts: :) Exciting stuff XD

Look out for my post on my Outfit & Makeup designs for Riri's Birthday should be coming around weds/thurs this week :D x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Small Superdrug Haul + Milani in Poundland?? :O

So, yesterday I went into Superdrug as I haven't bought any makeup in such a long time, I was determined to make good use of the 3for2 offer. I ended up buying new nail polish though!-And I really DO NOT need anymore! haha, oh well :P

My lil' Haul
So, Lets start with the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Primer, I bought this because on like every website it has 1 review and that review is always bad. But, they still sell it? So, for £5 I thought why not.
I then was thoroughly disappointed because the MUA counter had been stripped bare, so, I skipped along to the Fashionista one, I picked up the StarShine Highlight (as I already have SunShine and I LOVE IT!) and then got 2 lipsticks, one in a pale, creamy, orange colour "I'm an Individual" (the Maxi Moisture one) & one in a nude colour "Buff" (the Double Take one)
I quickly checked the Maybelline counter for the Orange Tattoo I still regret not picking up from N.Y. and it wasn't there-so I picked up this Pomegranate one instead. I am dyyiinng to try it out! :D
And, finally, I bought 3 NYC polishes-as I LOVE THESE, they're so cheap & last well with a good pigmentation and this new Barry M Sequin Effect polish as I can never resist a new Barry M'r ;)

Fashionista Lippies Buff (Left) and I'm An Individual (Right)

After Superdrug, I popped into Poundland, as they sometimes have nice makeup in there too and to my surprise (I mean, really, really, surprised-I nearly choked!) They had MILANI PILED UP!

The Milani Stuff I picked up from Poundland.
So, I picked up one of everything apart from the Mascara which didn't look very good and there were hundreds of them there, so if I change my mind I can always go back and get one :). I got 2 of these Glimmer Stripes which instantly make me think of Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks :') Only, they were a POUND! I also picked up this eyeshadow quad which reminded me of Nars' Duo Eyeshadow in Paramaribo :D

Here's me wearing B. Beautiful Full Coverage 16hr wear Foundation (Available at Superdrug), the Milani Quad featured above, Fashionista StarShine Highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones, the Milani Glimmer Stripes in Pink Glimmer (far left in pic above) & the Fashionista Lippie in I'm an Individual.

The Fashionista Lipstick is definitely not as pigmented as I'd have liked but, saying that, I do have very dark lips for my skin colour. So, on more pale lipped beauties, it would look lovely :) It's also worth noting it is nice and moisturising like the name "Maxi Moisture" suggests :D
 I do really like the glimmer stripe by Milani, I think it's beautiful :') We all know I love Glow and this is full of glow appeal :P
I really don't feel these pictures do StarShine any justice though, in real life it looks quite bronzed and sexy-the picture below shows it a tad better.

I think this Eyeshadow Quad is not dissimilar to Paramaribo but is not as richly pigmented. It's more Gold than Green too (as shown below), making it a good alternative for those who find Paramaribo too green to suit their complexion. However, it is only a Pound and Therefore I think EVERYONE should go scout it out ;) I do, do wish it was a tad more green though! :L-Sorry!
Nars' Paramaribo Top
Milani Quad Bottom

Also, I have to say about the Rimmel Eye Primer: I am wearing it now, under this Milani Quad, while I am writing this and It's really not as bad as people are making out. I actually think that at only £5 It's really worth a tad bit more. It works well, I haven't had any creasing yet (I am not wearing a cream eyeshadow, paint pot or tattoo underneath the eyeshadow quad either) and I have very oily skin and lids. Do I feel it makes eye shadows more rich in colour and pigmentation? No, but the only one I feel that actually does (and I mean in the WORLD) is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Overall, for a Fiver, I'd say BUY IT! You won't be disappointed!!

Hope you liked this and keep your eyes peeled for my Barcelona Holiday Post featuring Outfits, Makeup Ideas, Accessories, The works ;) xx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

EPQ update-New GAGA FAME & Nicki Pink Friday designs XD

Gosh, the session had creating these two designs were stressful and painful. Not going to lie, I very nearly gave up and walked out. I am so pleased I didn't, I'd been in the library designing for about an hour when nothing I was doing was any good, It was all crap-not even kidding. But somehow just as I was about to leave a miracle occurred and I created this beautiful Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday Inspired Design:

Pink Friday Inspired #2

I love this because it's not all gold, it just has this robot-like plates on either cheek, Almost acting as blush! XD I feel that this really represents the bottle well as the bottle kinda looks a little robot like o.O
And the pink accents on the eye and lips (no blush to not distract from the plating design) just ties it in with the hair & lips of the bottle (picture of it below). I am so, so happy with this design I actually kind of want to frame it! :P  I know there isn't very much filled in on the description but that's because there are only a few products needed for actually create this look.

Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Bottle.

FAME was quite a similar story but now I only had half an hour left. I had the bottle out in front of me and was just staring at it trying to get inspiration, how can you design something from GAGA's already perfect bottle, I mean, I just was not doing justice to it. So I grabbed an eye only template filled page and went crazy just drawing different eye designs over and over and over, I drew 3 pages worth when I finally came up with the idea-I was nearly sweating I was so stressed! D:

FAME Inspired #2

I recited the description Gaga has written on the back of the bottle and remembered "tears of belladonna" I knew there and then that the Gold cap needed to be shown on the lid with the black being leaked out of it, like tears. Black lips are a necessity with this look I feel, and I am now very proud of this design. RELIEF more than anything, came over me when I'd finished :') .

Gaga's FAME bottle

So that was my stressful journey to create these new looks, I think it was worth it. They really rock. Love 'em <3

Haha, wow, now that's done, I think I've got all the designs I need. Now I am going to start piloting them so watch out for those posts in which I'll have pictures of my initial attempts and products etc. :)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

And it's a pelvic thruuusssstttt! -Rocky Horror Full Makeup & Outfit :D

Well, me and Evie had a TRULY FANTASTIC TIME!
Here are a few Highlights.... (I do not own the rights to the images nor do I claim too, I do not intend any offence etc.)

Frank N Furter Getting Pampered

Sweet Transvestite

As you can see, it's quite true to the show :') With Dani Harmer (Tracey Beaker) playing Janet! ahaaa! I know!! I couldn't believe it either -she's so tiny! XD
Anyhoo, yes, getting back to my outfit etc...
My Eye

No Window, Flash On

Facing Window, No Flash
Window Behind, Flash On
My Eye-wowzas!

My Full Magenta (Official Rocky Horror) Costume
All Products Used-In The End :)
As you can see, I did use most of the products I said I would, only with a few additions of the Jack Wills' Pencil Liner, Fearne Cotton Liner, Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Liner and E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit. If you want to see the Outfit Design Things etc, you can do so here:

Overall, I have to say, I wish it lasted longer! It was so funny and everyone just had a blast dancing the Time Warp twice! So good, would I go again? Definitely. Audience participation Galore, great Guitar-ing music and the costumes!

I think Evie had a good time too ^.^

Monday, 20 May 2013

52 Weeks of Delicious Nails 20.5.13 -Wraps!

For my Birthday my friend Naomi E bought me these totes gorge Floral Nail Wraps from Paperchase (they don't sell these ones anymore but here are the same make: They're really easy to use! Which made me very happy as I am not very steady handed, I could've done with some smaller scissors to help me (as you'll see below :S) But they applied very easily and I think look really great! PLUS! There's no drying time!!

My Terrible Right Hand

My Better Left Hand :')

Now I've broken my fear of nail wraps I am certainly gonna go nail wrap crazy I think! haha, They're just perfect :') I hope they last well.....we shall see D:

Friday, 17 May 2013

Rocky Horror!

This Saturday I am going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show-LIVE at the Theatre!
I am very, very excited about this as Rocky Horror's makeup and costumes' are amazing and therefore worth the ticket prices.

So here is my design for the show, I am going dressed as Magenta-seeing as I already have the costume and I've done it like a thousand times before! :P

Magenta Design
Now, I know what you're thinking, the bottom lashes are crazzy long. But, if you look at any picture of Magenta (or a still from the film) you'll see that hers are ridiculously spiky and long! To get this spikey-length I use a tonne of Benefit's They're Real! Mascara, as this is the only one I've found that will not budge or smudge. Also, you simply NEED to wear false lashes on top (and the bottom too, if you're brave!) and I have found that the best way to wear them all night is to wear a good amount of black liquid liner (I would recommend LOOK's Flirty Flick) and to take your time when applying them hence, I'll start my makeup proceedings at around 2:30-to be out the house at 4. This gives enough time to comfortably and calm-ly get everything done :).

The shape of the base eyeshadow is quite important-Magenta was played by Patricia Quinn who has really deep set-hollow eyes and so the eyeshadow shape of pure circles looks stunning and very dramatic. Sam from Pixiwoo described it as a half moon shape and I think this is a good way of explaining it you need to take the top of the circle up almost to the brow bone. The dark red brown surrounding it is purely to create a more theatrical look. It needs to be lined thickly with kohl liner But I'd recommend applying it after applying the liquid liner and false lashes so it doesn't prevent sticking or make shifting more likely).

As you can see I kinda drew a squiggle over the lips, this was my way of saying I am going to be wearing Black Kohl pencil underneath the lipstick to make it even more dark and almost bloody like. I also drew the brows in with a black pen, this is to show you need rather thin brows that should be dark, I like to use a kohl pencil very thinly and smudge out the edges.

Don't forget this is a real theatrical look so, therefore you need a very white face and very sculpted out cheekbones!!-Use a foundation that's practically white and I'll be using Nars' Laguna to Contour and sculpt out my cheekbones and features.

Here's a pic of all the products I plan to use....

All products with design in background

All Face products, ranging from very cheap to very expensive

Black Kohl Pencil, Calvin Klein & Clinique Lipsticks

All Eye Products

The false lashes are the ones I now wear absolutely EVERYTIME I am Magenta :P They're just perfect :')
They were given to me in a Soap & Glory Kit for Christmas.

And here's my outfit:

My Official Rocky Horror Costume (complete with wig hat :P)

My Boots that I've kept purely because I wear them to be Magenta :P

I personally, cannot wait for this tomorrow and hopefully I'll look amazing :P So I can take lots of photos with other people dressed up there!!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

EPQ update-Riri & Katy Perry Designs! :D

I know I've been teasing a lot with these designs, but they're finally here for you! :D

Reb'l Fleur Inspired #3

I think this is the Rihanna Look I am actually going to do. This is the one I am most pleased with :D
I feel that the eyes are really representing the bottle well and the lips just add a slightly more wearable feel (lol) that just ties it together. The brows are to be there as a guide so are to be thin but nicely coloured. The Yellow might change from being winged to just covering the whole under eye (under the brow) area but I am not sure yet. The liner scares me a tiny bit, because I am worried when the eyes are open, it may look a little crap.... D: but, again, we'll see when I do some pilots :P

There is to be no blush or contour at the moment as I do not want the skin to be anything but a purely black canvas. For the lips I feel there is no other colour suitable than Hayley Williams' for Mac-Sounds Like Noise matte orange-It's just perfect.

Here's a picture of the bottle, just for reference:

Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur Bottle

Next is the latest Katy Perry Purr Design!! eek! XD

Purr Inspired #2

I really like this one as I feel that the graduation in colour intensity (of the purple/lilac etc) is beautiful and I cannot wait to try this out! I am just trying to find someone who I think has a large enough eye space, I think more Asian eyes would suit this better (as they're not as deep set as others) but we shall see :) Also, the diamantes on the outer corner are very true to the Cats' eyes on the bottle.

I really like the almost gold blonde brows as I think this just warms up the look a bit as the pure silver lips are quite cold and harsh-There's also a fine line between good silver lips and space alien invader, in other words; I need to get the balance right of matte and shimmer.

Here's the bottle, again, just for reference:

Katy Perry's Purr Bottle

So that's two more done, I really need to start piloting and trying these looks out as at the moment I currently have no idea what sort of hair I am going to do for any of them/how I am going to photograph them-just portraits? or what? haha, so, maybe I haven't progressed as much as I'd thought :S-have any ideas? Tweet me :) @JanBeautyful

Got new Pink Friday and FAME designs coming up, and you can read about the nightmare I had trying to come up with a new fame was quite a stressful 30 mins, lets put it like that.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

15.5.13 EPQ update Book References and What's it all about again?

My Extended Project is so far, so good! I am amazed by how inspired I am getting by pretty much everything I see around me! This proves that you should always be true to yourself and follow your dreams (as corny as that sounds D:). Anyhoo, it came to me that I may not have explained very well what the hell an EPQ actually is! Well, essentially it's either a report (something like 5000 words) or an artifact with a supporting smaller essay (like, 1000 words or something like that) And you can do it on absolutely ANY topic you like! Hence, I chose to do something with makeup.

The idea it gives ucas points is a bit hazy, as, I don't think many Uni's really look at them (from talking to people who have already done them) and don't accept them as part of your entry. However, I think doing a makeup course, or wanting to go into the Makeup Industry this will help me quite a bit as my actual A Level subjects aren't seeming to go very well (Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Citizenship & Biology). Also, a few people are insisting to me that you definitely DO gain ucas points from them (but it's then down to the discretion of the Uni if they'll accept them as part of your entry).

Anyhoo, here are some pictures of the references of Photographers/Artists etc I've found to include in my essay and presentation. (please note, I do not own the original images or any of that stuff, nor am I claiming to own them or trying to use in an offensive or derogatory manner etc.).
The photographers featured here are David Lachepelle, David Bailey & Nick Knight.

From Nick Knight's Book

From Nick Knight's Book

The Library has this book by Jemma Kid which is going
to be my references for techniques

Left is Photo of Lil' Kim by David Lachepelle and right is Nick Knight's work 

I  absolutely adore these two photo's. The Lachepelle one for the sheer bubblegum flavour and sex appeal and the Knight one because I love 80s rock and punky looks and this just irradiates that :')
I also love the use of makeup in both, the Lil' Kim's bottom false lashes are amazing and the use of pink all over the face in the Knight photo shows rebellion in a wearable way.-Yes, I'd wear that!
David Bailey's Photos

I love the black and white photo on the left as it reminds me so much of the Phantom (of the Operraaaa!) and the one on the right carries on from the punk and rock feel in the other photo (above) and I feel as though this shows chaos in a challenging way, meaning, it looks so well planned out that its almost controlled chaos.
Both David Bailey

After a discussion with Anne (the head librarian at college) she also gave me the idea to discuss tribal and cross cultural meanings and reasons behind their art and "makeup" or body paintings, I thought this was such a fantastic idea and could've hugged her as this fits my question about Makeup as an artistic means of communication perfectly :'). I also thought the one on the right was like something from a series of unfortunate events or a good vampire film.

David Bailey, again.

David Bailey, again.

 I really love these ones, as they both are inspired by very different cultures and events, I really like how they're not perfectly taken as well, I mean, the model doesn't look really stunningly beautiful, but, saying that....they do look really beautiful, it's not what you'd usually expect.

A page from the Jemma Kid book, to help with techniques I can use

I cannot believe how inspired I am by all of these and more that I found too! (I am pretty sure I put the right photographers under the right photos, but if not, I'll change it later so don't panic!) I finally feel as though my life's getting back on track :)

But anyway, stay tuned for my next Katy Perry & Riri Designs they're coming up in the next couple of days and keep your eyes peeled for my First YouTube video (probably, Friday/Saturday) as I've filmed now, just need to finish editing!! Exciting Stuff!