Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Best in Beauty 2013! Including my Top 3 Favourite 52WODN

SO let's hit it straight off with my Best in Beauty for 2013!

My favourite Beauty Products this year goes like thisss...

This primer, although came out towards the end half of 2013 is by far my favourite primer it works so well-It says you get 15hr wear, more like 23 hr wear! It's AWESOME. Go buy it ;)

This, I think will always be my favourite foundation, it just works so well with my skin and matches it perfectly. Lasts well and doesn't slide off of my face...also works incredibly well with the Stay Flawless ;)

Another end-ey year Bene-product, I LOVE this, It goes on so smooth, blends so nicely and looks amazing-no creasing and is perfect shade.
This powder is my HOLY GRAIL for keeping my skin matte and I actually only bought it in November! It's so smooth, lightweight, doesn't cake up my foundation, keeps my skin matte, doesn't make me look white. Just looks beautiful.
Nars, Laguna...DO I really need to say anymore? It is the perfect shade for most skintones, can be buffed out and blended well, looks natural and lasts well all day. Plus, it's Nars and that just makes it feel extra special >.<
These are just so beautiful, so luminizing, so soft and easy to use, blend etc. Very easy going products that are pigmented and last all day. SO worth the money.
Again, I only got this in December and I am so happy I've finally got something that's the same colour as my eyebrows! Took me long enough...this is easy to work into your brows and stays well.
This. This just stays put. DOES NOT MOVE until you take it off, is a great black-wish it could be a bit more matte-but is just the perfect eyeliner.
I am sorry that I don't use Naked 1 as much, Naked 2 is just so much easier to just whack in overnight bag (and not worry it'll break) and...yeah, you know the rest ;)
This is my favourite mascara at the moment...maybe even more so than my benefit They're Real!? 
Only because recently I've been wanting more volume and I find that They're Real gives more length and curl, I actually like using these two together :)
11)  LIP PENCIL-? WHAT? I DON’T HAVE ONE…Sorry! I just don't use lip pencil's often enough >.<

The reason I like this best is because...it's a Satin finish that lasts well and is just such a PARTY colour!
13)  Fave subscription-I HATE THEM ALL!!! AND WHY DO WE NOT HAVE A GOOD MAKEUP MAGAZINE IN THE UK?? (sorry, just had a mini rant, maybe 2014 will see an independent MAKEUP magazine-I mean one sold in retailers-and a GOOD subscription box come into the UK?)

Onto my Top 3 Favourite 52WODN posts from this year!

Number 1!

So Number 1 had to go to the Top Bananasss ;) I simply LOVE these nails! See the full post here: http://tinyurl.com/mjmlz9p

Number 2

2nd place had to go to something glitter-ey as I have quite a lot of those ;) I decided to choose these as I thought they were pretty for all times and occasions. See full post here: http://tinyurl.com/keegfva

Number 3
I chose these Nude nails as I love the curved lines and contrast between the nude and black, I just think they're creative and chic >.< See their full post here: http://tinyurl.com/m88vjau

Well another year over...Keep your eyes peeled for my NYE outfit and makeup etc to be up by the end of the week and I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Thank you for all your support x x x

Sunday, 22 December 2013

New Years Resolutions and What I wore to the Christmas Party

So as it's getting nearer and nearer to 2014...HOORAY! (cannot wait for 2013 to be over!)
I am thinking more about what I'd like to challenge myself to do for the first bit of the year-haha!

1) I've decided that I'd like to lose a stone. I love my body and it's not from an image point of view, but more from a health angle, so one stone to lose and keep off-I shall be doing blog posts about this perhaps once a month as I am really not going to be doing as a quick harsh diet change, I'd like to do it as healthily and steadily so I can make the changes more permanent. I did used to be the quite the butterball child and hate to think that even though I've evened out a bit more, that I am unhealthy-the main issue is exercise as opposed to an unhealthy diet-But we shall see what my plan becomes :)

2) Project Hit-Pan! So, I am sure you've seen a lot of other bloggers/youtubers etc do this tag or project. It's when you don't buy anymore makeup (oh dear god, I nearly choked on my gum typing it!) and try to aim to use up what you already have-which is quite a lot for me, so I think this is a good idea. I'll be doing once-monthly posts about this as well so I ACTUALLY stick to it!

3) DO at least 5 Good Deeds a week. I do feel as though I work hard already, but by good deeds I mean, making someones day-I mean like giving an old person your seat, helping someone who's car's broken down all sorts of nice, Selfless acts. I plan on making like a little checklist in my Filofax for each week to remind me :P

4) Maintain my brows more often! I do work on my brows and try to keep them groomed, between one to two months at a time as they don't grow too fast but they do need an upkeep more often I feel! Trim, pluck etc, quick lil' brow shape up!

So I think these goals are pretty achievable, they always say your goals need to be Achievable, with a good Time limit/Quantity

Next up is my makeup and nails for the HRTC Christmas Party!

Ma full FACEY!


All products used just chucked on my vanity... (sorry bout that >.<)

My Karla Chart I did as a guide...


Right Hand XD

MA pwetty right thumb,which the glitter of is just AMAZE-balls.

I have a couple more posts before the end of this year including my 2013 Beauty Favourites! So be sure to stick around guys, thanks for all your support and if I don't post before, have a very Merry Christmas!

Much Love,

Tasha x x x

Monday, 2 December 2013

52WODN A Double Bubble Post ;)

Going on from my apology for being such a bad blogger I have decided to do a double 52WODN! Just to prove that I DO change my nails EVERY WEEK! :P

I was actually quite disappointed with the Revlon Mon Cherry (plain red above) as it chipped within minutes of me wearing it? Bad! But I think it may be faulty as I've never had a problem with Revlon polishes before :S I also don't think that the photo does justice to the Barry M Ruby Glitter polish as it's just BEAUTIFUL in real life XD

I hope you like these two, they are from the last two previous weeks as this week I am going...wait for it...BARE!? Only till Saturday as I want to try out a new cuticle cream/oil thing AND I want to make my nails SUPER special for Saturday Night's HRTC Xmas Party! :) Love you all, see you in the next post which may be not very beauty related :P x x x