Thursday, 27 February 2014

H&M Lip Tints Review

 H&M have started coming out with some really great cosmetics products recently and I instantly thought of the whole OCC lip tars with these, I was so excited that on my first outing I bought all three of these! (I have seen other colours in other branches but online isn't very good... -.-)

In their little plastic boxes >.<
Another view of the tubes.

Initial swatches (no filters on pic).

I firstly tried on Hot Pink (who could resist this colour!?) and I love how opaque this shade is. It's a nice bright blue pink meaning your teeth also look whiter :) *Bonus!
Hot Pink.
Next up I had to try the red! But I was a tad disappointed that this wasn't as pigmented! It's still a lovely deep red shade but it just needs a little build up in comparison to the pink.
Deep Red.
And lastly is Mandarin, similar to Deep Red in consistency and pigmentation but not as glossy. I do love this pastel-ey orange colour and think it's a very flattering shade on warmer tones :).
The Pros:

  • Non drying! They aren't balmy but they do feel like a light lipstick on your lips, they DO NOT dry out your lips at all and that's nice :)
  • Nice shade range
  • They have a nice glossy finish
  • Nice texture on the lips, not heavy feeling at all
  • Last well throughout day, didn't stain lips but lasted well :)
  • Didn't bleed off of my lips
  • Wasn't so sticky my hair stuck to it! (isn't that THE most annoying thing!? When you're wearing gloss, you look all sexy and your hair flies over and sticks to it. Then it decides to drag it across your face all attractively too D: These don't do that!)
  • You can mix shades together
  • Huge amount in tubes, you only need a small amount of the product so these will last you a little while!
The Cons:
  • Not easy to apply if you don't have a lip brush! If you do not have a lip/small brush, you will really suffer with these products!
  • Consistency of pigmentation is not great between shades, some are stronger and better than others-having said that, they're all nicely pigmented it's just some (like hot pink!) are just insanely pigmented!
So as you can see, I quite like these >.< (slight understatement!) I think they are so worth the cost! They're something like £2.99??

But as I said I've seen different branches stock different colours also :)
I really do think you guys should go pick these up, I'll be keeping my eye out for other shades I can find! 
x x x

Monday, 24 February 2014

Apivita Apricot Scrub from M&S Review

I got these little sachets from Marks and Spencers the other day, it's of the Apivita Apricot Scrub.
I originally picked up the big tube but as that was £13 and these two sachets were £3.50 or something like that and that seemed a bit more budget friendly at the time and then I could give it a try before (if I liked it) I would purchase the whole bigger tube.

My first thoughts were that it smells absolutely divine, all apricot-ey jam like :3 and looked so good in the tube! (Sorry I didn't get a picture of the formula, it was difficult when it was in the sachets)

I used it in the shower (as I do with all my facial exfoliators) and the first thing I noticed was that the smell faded very fast into a more plastic fake smell-Which, didn't bother me a huge amount but was a tad disappointing. I found it was very gentle on my skin-as it says on the tube!

I didn't notice anything immediately, like that my skin straight after my shower felt baby smooth or whatever...but that night putting my moisturiser on, my skin must've really enjoyed and absorbed the goodness from all the products as the next morning. WOW. My skin felt so soft and healthy! And that was after one use!

I tried it again a couple days later just to check it wasn't a fluke and it wasn't. I LOVE this exfoliator, I wouldn't say it made my spots/breakouts better or worse but it did make my actual skin feel healthier and happier.

I haven't gotten round to buying the full size yet but I definitely will be! (or as I've got quite a lot to try out at the moment, maybe I'll chuck it on my Birthday wish list ;) ).

Have you guys tried anything from M&S? I sometimes find myself thinking there stuff is so overpriced...
You can get this scrub in larger M&S stores or online here:

Thanks for baring with me whilst I settle into my new job, guys! Speak to you soon x x x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

LOTD: Green & Pink...A clash or not?

A few days ago I decided to use my Lush Cream shadow in Intuitive (as I hadn't worn it out yet) and I asked Ed to pick out a lip colour (thinking he'd pick up a balm stain or something quite neutral as he normally just picks up the first thing he sees that is large; and those have larger packaging that most...) and I think he probably thought I would tell him off for giving me something so bright, but I just slapped it on! haha! And this was the look that came out of that...

Ma Full Face...And those Lips!? BAM!

Those Eyes... <3
So the standout products for this look are Lush's Cream Eyeshadow in Intuitive, a neutral beigey brown of some kind (I am wearing LOOK Beauty's Mono Shadow in Gilet) and for the lips I used Wet N Wild's Megalast Liquid Lip Colour in , if you can't get a hold of this then MUA's velvet lip thingies should have a dupe. Also, with this look I feel like it's important to keep your cheeks quite neutral & natural, so, I have used my Bourjois Bronzing Primer (which I cannot lie..I really love!) and Tarte's blush in Exposed (a good colour from Sleek would be Suede =D).
Products Used :)
And that is how many a good look has been I like it though? I am still kinda on the fence!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentine's Day Looks Day to Night, Part 2-High End!

So if you didn't see Part 1 you can here:

And this is Part 2! More Higher End products used here and I kinda didn't pick overly pinkey things for this one either so if you didn't like the pink overload-this might be for you!

My Full Face Day Look!
Bit more smileyy in this post :P
Ma Eyes
 As you can see this look is a bit more pin up-esque than the pinkey candy looks from part 1. Similarly from the day look in part 1, I left brows alone for the day look to look more natural :).

Stand Out Products!
The stand out products for this are the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (main shadows used are WOS, Naked2 and Faint, lil' bit of Venus on brow bone), Illamasqua Abyss Liquid Liner (my absolute Favourite Black Liquid Eyeliner <3), Benefit Thrrrob blush & Posiepal (Posietint on one end and California Kissin' on the other), Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara (makes for really pwetty curly lashes :3) and Nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk (I know this isn't high end really but it just makes the naked basics shadows pop so well :')).

Night Look, My Whole Face and a cheeky Ed in the background!

My Eyess!
For the eyes I pretty much left them the same all I did was added a black glitter liner over the top (which unfortunately hasn't shown up that well on camera :/) and lashings of They're Real mascara from Benefit on the top & bottom lashes.

Stand Out Products...
So the stand out products here had to be Nars Gaiety blush and Mac's mineralize skinfinish (I used Star Wonder from the heavenly creatures collection but this is just to represent the shimmerey goodness of any mineralize skinfinish ;)). Collection's Glam Crystals (now, I know this isn't high end but I didn't have any high end that could be used easily so I just went with it.) Benefit's Instant Brow Pencil (which really is very instant, you literally brush it through once and you're good to go!) and MAC's Insanely It Cremesheen lipstick which is just a hot raspberry pink colour (and as it's a cremesheen it's moisturising and soft too :3, perfect if you're going in for a smooch :P).

So that was Part 2 my high end day to night looks for Valentine's 2014! Similarly to part 1 all products in the night time look were just popped on top of the products from the day time so you can just come home and whack 'em on and go!

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's whether it's going out for a super romantic meal, just spending the night in with your other half or even going out and celebrating your single status! Have fun out there!

Much Love and please keep an eye out for my Highlighting & Contour Post to be up soon!

Tasha <3

Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentine's Looks Part 1 Day to Night -Drugstore!

Hey guysss so I always show you my makeup after the event. After Christmas, after New Year and although I know you find it interesting to see what I did actually wear on my face, I thought you might like to see my ideas for Valentine's Day! (Baring in mind Ed & I are in our 5th year now and we....don't really do Valentine's...not because we don't love each other or not because we think we love each other too much to care about one stupid shop bought day...because, we see each other on a regular basis and Valentine's usually happens to fall on one of those days and if not..we'll make an effort to see each other. It's that simple, we just spend the evening together, one of us will cook a meal but we don't do anything really fancy.)

Anyways, onto my makeup ideas. This is Part 1-Drugstore, Part 2 is going to be a High end version.

My looks go from Day to Night so if you're spending the day together then going out at night you can change your looks accordingly or, if you're just doing one or the other you can pick whichever you like best.

I've decided to go for more Pinkey looks for my first day look:

My Full Face-I can only apologise for my bored look
this was the only picture that actually as acceptable.
 This look is very pink pastel, soft and shimmery to look natural but cute and I really am sorry my face looks so dire in this photo haha! Note that the brows are groomed and not filled in as to make this face really natural looking.
Ma Sweettt Eyes
All Products Used.

So the standout products are shown above, Revlon Lip butter in Cotton Candy, Chit Chat highlighter (which is supposed to be a dupe of Benefit's High Beam but...mehh), Maybelline the Rocket Volume Mascara (used ever so lightly just to create natural curly lashes), Sleek Oh So Special Palette's colours: Pamper, Gateau and a little touch of Organza, with Bow under the brow bone and the shade Bon Bon from the Candy Palette. Sleek's blush in Squash (the centre pan from the Blush by 3 in Pumpkin).

And for the Night look....
My Full Face-a bit happier ;)

My Eyes

Products Used.
So this is a more deep, smokey pink with a purple tinge (I could've gone even more smokey with more black in the outer corners but I didn't want to make it dragish or too full on). The stand out products shown above are MORE COATS of the Maybelline Rocket Volume, Sleek Vintage Romance Palette (colours used were; Honeymoon in Hollywood, Propose in Prague, Forever in Florence). Rimmel Apocolips lip lacquer in Celestial, L'Oreal Super Liner, Gosh eyebrow pencil (greybrown is my shade if you were wondering) and Sleek's blush in Cupcake from the blush by 3 from the Candy Collection.

Worth noting in the second look is that I simply built upon what was already there from the first look so you can just whack stuff on top after your day out! :3

I hope you liked this part 1, keep an eye out for Part 2-The High End Valentine Looks tomorrow! Much Love! x x x 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Lush Dark Angels, Face & Body Cleanser Review.

This review on Lush Dark Angels face and body cleanser is going to be rather quick!

The Outer Packaging...
In short: I did not like this.

Okay so the good points:
-You get a tonne of product in here, this pot is going to last you a while!
-The Smell is AMAZING. It smells like aniseed & liquorice-ey and is just so good to the nose ;)
-It feels very natural, almost like you're exfoliating your face with cooled lava!? Haha
-It's very exfoliating, really, really exfoliating-so if you like that, this is for you

The not so good points:
-It's waaay to exfoliating for my skin and made my chin and nose area break out really badly-Horrible big red sore spots...not nice
-A bit....fiddly? So, you break off a tiny bit and make a paste in your hands. I like to cleanse/exfoliate/wash my face when I am in the shower and this is very difficult to use in the shower not to get water in the pot or too much water in your hands so it's no longer like a paste more like just black water...

So I am just going to have to give this product a....3/10. As the fact it broke me out so bad kinda overshadows everything else for me. Unfortunately all the lush face products I have tried have seemed to make my skin worse rather than better :/ Might stop trying them now.

Have you tried any Lush face masks or scrubs? What do you think of them?
Thanks for reading guys! x x x

Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Favourites! Featuring Beauty, Horsey Apparel, Food...

So I am really, really getting into my blogging this year! I just want to share with you all my thoughts and experiences with stuff and so thought another good way would be monthly (or every other monthly :P) favourites!

So let's kick off with the Beauty stuffs!

Cargo Blush
First thing is this blush from Cargo, I got this in a set for Christmas from my mum and I LOVE this blush, it gives you a gorgeous bronzed/peachey glow and looks so natural yet divine! It also lasts a good amount of wear and tear time too-Bonus!

Cargo Eyeshadow duo
 Next up is this eyeshadow duo from Cargo and these two colours, just...ahh...the just blend so perfectly together and look so natural and pretty on my lids, I like to pop the brown on my outer lid half/through the crease and the pink as a highlight under the brow bone and on the inner corner. It's just the perfect duo for my skintone.

MAC Zoomlash in Lofty Brown

This mascara is just great. It gives your lashes amazing length, thickness-not so great curl! But curl your lashes before and you're good to go! Don't over do it on this mascara though as your lashes will clump up horribly!! The dark smokey brown colour is great and looks very smart. This mascara will last until you take it off and isn't overly difficult to take off.

Lush's Cream Shadow in Sophisticated
 These cream shadows from lush are great! They have a lovely shimmery finish and last all day with no base/primer! I particularly love to use this under my Cargo eye duo!

Swatches so far...
 Swatches above are (Top L-R): Lush Cream Shadow in Sophisticated, the Brown side and then Pink side of the Cargo eyeshadow duo. (Bottom L-R): All 4 stripes of the Cargo Blush-separately, then MAC's Zoomlash.

Illamasqua's Sheer Lipgloss in Artiface
 I forgot to pop this in the first picture/swatches etc so had to add it in :P This Lipgloss starts off as incredibly pigmented and then tones down to a more sheer finish, as the name states. I love this colour though in the picture it looks more pink, in real life it's incredibly creamy peach colour.

Illamasqua Swatch...
 And last in the Beauty category is this by Nivea...the In-Shower Body Moisturiser (for Normal skin). Now, working at the stables means I am either freezing cold with the natural weather, rained on or sat with a blow heating blowing really hot air into my face (which I know is bad but when you're THAT cold, you'll do anything >.<) and once I come home I jump straight in the shower do all normal things (you want to use your normal gel before this) and finish with slathering this all over my body. I am soooo lazy and cannot be asked to sit there after my shower dry myself and apply moisturiser and then be sticky for ages. YUCK. This is so light, doesn't feel greasy and keeps my skin so moisturised and soft <3 I LOVE it and have bought like 5 bottles whilst it's been on half price offer in boots!

Yankee Candle Scent-Fireside Treats
 I HAD to include this as I am not a big candle/scent fan but this smell....Oh My. I bought it in a tart originally and had to go back and buy the whole range!! It smells DIVINE. It smells sweet but not overly so with a hint of muskiness....oh how I adore it, if you can go have a whiff at your local retailer. I am so in love.
M&S Medjool Dates
M&S Medjool Dates
Now I am fully into my health kick I have found out some things I really love and some now so much...but these Medjool dates are so moorish, I have two when I am really craving some kind of spongy pudding. They're sweet, just ever so slightly sticky and the texture is thick and loving (in a way!).

What's in the box...?
So Hampshire Saddlery were having a sale and I got these boots for just £65 and they are LUSH I have spent like...maybe an hour (various bits of time added together that is) just staring at how gorgeous and beautiful these boots are and I cannot wait to take Apollo somewhere so I can look all smart and wear them!!

So those were my January favourites, I cannot believe how quick January has gone by and what scares me more is that February is a super short month! Did you guys like this post? If so, why not Retweet it? ;) x x x