Saturday, 28 September 2013

Jess' 18th & Jake's 21st, Mickey, Minnie & Princess Jasmine ;) My Full Outfit and Makeup etc :) x x x

So as you know I went as Jasmine to Jack & Jess' Fancy Dress Party! (There's a hell of a lot of J's there!) and firstly I must apologise to the both of them as I stayed for maybe...2 minutes!? If you follow me on Twitter you would've seen that I was up at around 4am that morning for the Alesford Country Show for work and so I was absolutely shattered!!! It was such a shame as I had made such an effort, as had they and I felt really bad but I did Dress Up! And I did go!! So it counts to do a post :P x

Full Outfit
Right now, as I am sure some of you can remember from the Predicted post I actually had NOTHING to wear!? D: aha, but I went out the very next day after that post and found this Gorgeous Jumpsuit in TK Maxx (modbox bit) for only £14.99! And considering it's such a beautiful colour and style, knowing me, I'll probs wear it anyways! So I went with it and this is what it ended up looking like!
My shoes are just some old-ey sandals I had from Peacocks agees ago :)You can see I went with the big round ring and I just tied my hair up in intervals down my pony tail :)

Products Used :)

The Beautiful Paris Hilton Hollywood Lashes :') x

So for my eyes I used Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette, shades I used were Half Baked, Chopper & a little smudgin' of Snakebite and Busted (one dip into either shadow and into crease).
I then used my GOSH Eyebrow Pencil to groom them a little but I wanted them to be a little more natural as I already have quite big brows :). I then drew a really, really long line with my LOOK beauty Flirty Flick liquid eyeliner-my Fave liner :') and added my gorgeous Paris Hilton Hollywood Lashes. I also lined my lower lashline and waterline with NYC's Kohl pencil in white.
Then I drew a line under my brows with Benefit's High Brow Glow, and adorned my cheekbones with a dabbing of SunBeam-I really wanted a true Bronzed up-Arab-Princess-Glowey look...Aha >.<
After that I slicked on some Estee Lauder's Blushing Lipstick, this is THE perfect Jasmine Neutral/pinky colour. After all this I then buffed and buffed and buffed a LOT of Nars' Laguna Powder in my contour regions and then dusted Benefit's One Hot Minute Powder all over my face (almost as though it was a setting powder).
My full cute, bronzed up Jasmine Face :') x
You can also see my Jewellery here, the Heart on top of my head is actually a necklace I just pinned up!
Remember to use stuff you already have! The earrings and necklace I had from my Prom :)

This look was really, really fun to do and I also think quite simple and easy! It made me feel very pretty and I may do this again for a dress-up party :D I want to say a HUGE thank you to Jess for inviting me and apologise once again for not staying (Horse Shows are NOT an easy thing to do :P) and to say I wish her and Jake a long time of Happiness as they do look ever so cute together as Micky & Minnie :3.

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you liked this look :) x x x

Monday, 23 September 2013

52WODN 23.9.13 Thorpe Park inspired Candy Canes!

So I went to Thorpe Park earlier today! I actually didn't have that great-a-day as I was quite sicky :( boo! BUT the sweet smell of candied sugar wouldn't leave me all day so I had to come home and make my nails some way inspired by that >.<

Purple Candy Canes!!

I had already chosen these two colours to work with last night, I just wasn't sure how I was going to use them then so left it to today-and I am glad I did! The colours I used were NYC's Lavender Cupcake as the base and my Primark Nail Paint Art Pen in this deep purpley colour :)

My Left Hand XD
My Right Hand...>.<

So this week, once again, Left Thumb wins! >.<
Hope you guys are still enjoying the 52weeks of delicious nails posts each Monday and TWEET ME if you want me to continue through into 2014.
Have you been to Thorpe Park recently? Or anywhere similar?

Love you guys!
x x x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

LOOK Beauty Haul!

LOOK Beauty is a cosmetic brand launched by LOOK magazine (UK based but I do think they ship internationally, if you're interested) and as you are aware I find LOOK's makeup a bit hit & miss. I LOVE the Flirty Flick Eyeliner (it's my Holy Grail. Yes. I did just say that.) and I love the 3 Mono Eyeshadows I own but I really disliked the foundation. So, When I saw they had a little half price, offer on sale type thing (Which I did post a link too on my Facebook page so make sure to click the like button in my sidebar to keep updated! >>) I had to grab a few more bits to try!

So let's start off with the mono shadows: I got the colours Gilet, Jewel & Couture.
The Shadows in their cute see through packaging :)
Gilet isn't as strong as I would like but in a way that's good as it makes for a nice crease blending colour, Couture is a nice purple but not as Bright as I would've liked it to be... :/
Jewel is a nice bright colour that can build well. All of these colours are matte and I am quite fond of them. I actually used all 3 of these shadows in my 80s Inspired LOTD (you can see here: I used Jewel as the base eye colour, Couture as the under liner and Gilet through the crease :)
Overall for £2 each they're not bad, would I pay the regular £4? I think if I had I may have been a tad disappointed :/ Overall: C+

My 80s Inspired LOTD back in August :)
Next up I bought 3 mini makeover palettes, Baby Blue Eyes, Rock Chick and Brown Eyed Girl.

Let's start with Brown Eyed Girl (BEG):
This was the first palette I added to my basket, it's cute and comes with 8 shadows, 4 lip colours and a blush. I was so disappointed with the shadows!! They were so lacking in pigment it was awful (you can see in the pic below) The Blush is a nice colour but the shadows, blush and lip colours don't work well together :/ the lip colour I enhanced by adding a clear gloss over the top but all the other colours weren't pigmented at all. I was so highly upset with this palette :( Overall: E-
My look with BEG palette
BEG Palette

Next palette was the Rock Chick!
I tried this palette and pretty much liked it straight away! The colours match and blend well, the blush is great! the lip colours are still lacking a little... but they're better than the BEG palette. I actually used this palette to get my Neutral day smokey blue eye LOTD (which you can see here: The shadows in this are of a much better quality, though, and I really am enjoying it :). Overall: B+
Ma blue smokey eyes :')
the RC Palette!
One of the...ok...lip colours.

Now for my last mini makeover palette (and perhaps my favourite XD) the Baby Blue Eyes (BBE)!
This palette. Just wow. Shimmering sexy nudes and neutrals that blend and melt into eye sockets, the blush is a beautiful peach that is to DIE for and the lip colours are...still lacking but a tad more pigmented than the others :) Overall: A :D
How Pwetty is dis face? :3

Another cute-sey look :)
 Next up, LIPS:
I am sure you lot know I love MUA's lip booms, y'know the ones where you have a lipstick one end and a gloss the other end? Well these Double Hit Lips from LOOK are AMAZING. They're so pigmented, come in gorgeous colours and LAST. I don't know how else I can tell you that I am literally on the floor begging LOOK to never stop making these! Berry Blast really makes me think of Lime Crime's Airbourne Unicorn and similarly Pink Punch to Lime Crime's Contessa Fluorescent :D Overall: A* -If  there's one thing you buy from this haul, these should be it.

Berry Blast

Pink Punch & Berry Blast swatches (Lipgloss on top)

Berry Blast on Ma Lips :*

Pink Punch :)

Last but certainly not least the Pro Palette:
This "Palette" or Box as I prefer to call it, is a Box that comes with 3 little strips of shadows, blush and 2 lip colours and also a little carry case for one of them, so you can take it with you wherever you go! I do like this palette, the shadows are of a nice quality but they're very small!! The blushers are very, very nice and the lip products are much better quality to those in the Mini Palettes. Although I hate how big and bulky the main outer packaging box is! Considering the trays are really slim, this box is massive. :/ I do like that each little tray has a designated theme with it though like the third one is a 60s trend :) Overall: Cannot fault the actual product, A :)

The Box and mini Palettes inside with carry case/box on the right :)

So that was my LOOK haul! I hope you've enjoyed it, it was a very long time coming with this one, so I am sorry for that! But you know what I am like, I like to give you all a GOOD amount to read and really review it, not just try it once, I try everything at least twice to really give my opinion :) x x x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Rockin' it up with Rockateur at the Benefit John Lewis Eye Masterclass event! Plus Benefit Themed LOTD!

I am sure you all saw the tweets and read the facebook posts and therefore know that I got to go, to a very exciting Benefit Cosmetics eye masterclass event in John Lewis, Southampton. I have never been to an event that happens as a "Class" that takes place in another room! So I was very, VERY excited (and a little nervous) about what was in store!
 First things first we were taken down all the little windy corridors (kinda like a treasure hunt!) to a room that had Rock of Ages playing! ANYWAY YOU WANT IT! (ya'll know I love my rock music, so that was kinda cool :P) and then I noticed all the little tables filled with Benefit products and brushes for us to use and try out! Eeekkk! Then I spotted the champagne and cupcakes that were also available! (very cute touch :3) After a little introduction of all the benebabes and their favourite product (none of them said high beam! boo! XD) we set off with prepping the eye...
All the cute products to try out! <3
 Now this was the first lil' tip I learnt, after applying your eye cream (Benefit's It's Potent is actually the one I use on a day to day basis anyway) and your primer (Also, Stay Don't Stray is a favourite of mine!), ooh! And you should always use your ring finger because it's the weakest finger so it won't damage your eye area at all :). So, what I learnt was the term "BAC" in which B stands for Base, for your base eyeshadow colour-pick something light that you can blend all the way to the brow if you want a lil' highlighting up there! A stands for Accent, a lighter or more dazzling shade you can pat just on the very centre of your eye to really make it POP and open up XD. And C stands for C (or, I guess I'd say contour to the already beauty knowledgeable person :P) which is the shape you make with your darkest shadow to make your smokey eye.

A Lil' Tip I HAD to write down!
Here's the next lil' tip Jess taught me-and I nearly like died when she told me this as it's so easy and makes SUCH a difference! So, basically you know when you line your upper lash line with some kohl or black pencil liner and you drag it out at the end a bit too much and it's pointing downwards and making you look all sad :'( ? haha! Well, take a clean foundation brush (quickly, mind!) and just pull it diagonally up, it'll help drag and smooth the pencil upwards and clean it all up a treat :3
^^seriously, I got so excited when she told me this >.<

Now for the brows, (for this you will need BrowZings and either a pencil of makeup brush handle)

So first off, straight up from your nose! Through the corner of your eye, gives you the edge to your brow.

Next up, from your nose, to through your pupil, up through your brow is where your arch should start. So, as you can see I need mine to come in a bit more, at the moment it's a little too far out :)

And, lastly, from your nose through the outer corner. This is where your brow should end. Again, as you can see mine is too long!! I am going to have to go to a Benebar to get them sorted at least before Christmas!!

ooh! And I nearly forgot highlight (High Brow or High Brow Glow are Perfect for this) simply draw an arrow head with the point just fitting into your arch for an instant face lift!

So, yeah, those are the tips for WOW brows!
Next up came our face and base products:
And I got picked to have my moisturiser and primer put on! woo!
There I am... >.<
As I have oily skin I had the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion and Porefessional applied :).
If you have normal/dry skin you could use Benefit's Total Moisture moisturiser and That Gal Primer :)
After that we then applied some of the new Stay Flawless Primer (which claims to hold makeup for 15 hours...let me tell you-IT DOES!) and then a buffing of Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation.

To finish the perfect base, a quick dusting of Hello Flawless Powder (in the same shade as your foundation, handily ;)) I am champagne, just for reference.

Now it was FINALLY time to try Rockateur, BUT first! A quick pop up highlight with Watts Up! My FAVOURITE Benefit highlighter XD. After a slick of highlight; ROCKATEUR!
This blush is so beautiful, on me it came out more pink and pow! Whereas on my mum it came out more natural (it was like it knew exactly what to do!)

So here's what I looked like once it was all done:
My Complete Face :)
Overall, I had such a fun nice time, as did my mum so we'd like to say a HUGE Thank you to all the Benegals for their knowledge, jokes and kindness :3

So now onto what I bought!
All Products I bought! :3
All Products out of their outer packaging :)

I bought:
Eyenessa's Most Glamorous Nudes eye kit -£23.50
Stay Flawless 15 hour Primer -£24.50
An Extra Special DOUBLE Sized Porefessional for only-£29.50!
Lipstick (Dare Me)-£15
Magic Ink Liquid Liner -£15
Rockateur -£23.50
BrowZings (Dark) -£23.50
Fakeup (02) -£18.50
I then had my £10 deposit redeemed and then because I spent over a certain amount got an old style Lipgloss free (in Back to the Fuchsia, which is good as mine has just run out!) and then because I spent over another amount I got a free Get Even Face Powder (in 03 as I thought I could use it to lightly contour) and then I got this cute-sey Benefit Lingerie Bag free! It kinda reminds me of the FineOneOne packaging :3

So if you ever get the chance to go to a Benefit event I highly recommend it-especially as you get your deposit back!

Now onto the LOTD part of this post!
So after going to this event the very next day I obvs wanted to try everything all out again, but found myself delving into some old Beneproducts I used to use all the time and then started thinking, jeez why did I stop using this!?

Here's my look then:
Ma Full Bene-Face :)

Ma Smokey Grey Eyes... 0.o
So yes, new I used: Stay Flawless primer (which WOW you have to work your foundation quickly into it but it is NOT going anywhere!) and Rockateur Blush :3 (which is so pwetty and smells beautifully of roses :') -but not in an old lady kinda way :P). Fakeup also (it's so creamy and easy to blend and works well on blemishes too!)

Stuff I already had, I used: Erase Paste (still one of my favourite concealers!), Playstick (which I am not too sure they still sell but I really hope they do as I love mine :')), High brow Glow (such a pretty gold shimmer highlight XD), They're Real mascara (which is Benefit's BEST SELLING product and really is amazing.), Smokin' Eyes kit, which I had almost completely forgotten about and WHY!? As it really worked well on top of Stay Don't Stray XD. To finish I just dusted some Hello Flawless Powder & slicked on some "My Treat" old-style silky finish lipstick :D

Products I used to create this look :D

And that's the end of my MASSIVE Benefit Post! I hope you gals liked it, please let me know! AND once again I am sorry for being away for so long whilst my PC was ill :(
I am back now! and regular posting shall resume ;) Love you all! x x x

Monday, 16 September 2013

52WODN 16.9.13 September's Colder than I remembered...? :/

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of posts in the last 2 weeks, if you follow my Facebook page or Twitter you would've seen that my PC contracted a virus and therefore was in danger of deleting all my files and unfortunately I cannot compose posts on my tablet as the Blogger app (sorry for saying this blogger) is not very good at all and I cannot add pictures in correctly.

Anyways, here I am BACK! Starting a-fresh with a normal 52WODN post, Tomorrow my Benefit event post will FINALLY be up (there will be a usual LOTD post mixed into it :)) and then my Jasmine Princess look and a couple of others that are overdue will be following up on their usual days (just 2 weeks late :/)

 So today's 52WODN is inspired by the sudden turn of cold that September has brought to us this year, I am kind of dreading the actual winter as at work yesterday I was freezing!! Anyhoo, So with the cold I wanted a dark colour but still with a bit of pizazz! (is that a word...?) So I decided to go with my Sally Hansen Nail Polish in 670 "Midnight in NY" and over the top of that my 2true Glitterati nail polish in shade 1.
My Polishes used :)

My Left Hand :)
My Left Hand-trying to show you all the sparkles XD
MY Right Hand :D

I think here the Blue glitter kinda represents the Ice-ey cold and the black the evenings drawing in quicker... :') This week Right Thumb has to win ;)

So once again thank you so much for your patience with me while my computer was down I really appreciate it and will make it worth your while with fabulous posts coming up!

Love you all!

x x x

Monday, 9 September 2013

52WODN: 9.9.13 Green is Green with a shimmer of pink XD

Firstly, I am so sorry that this post is late and that now all my posts are a day late but this weekend has been so hectic with an ill Grandma and Alesford show. The show went really well but I had to wake up at 4:30am to get everything ready with Flick! :S

But anyways, for my nails this week I really wanted something smart and yet shimmerey so I ended up with using Revlon's 032 Emerald City Matte polish as my base and 261 Sparkling as my glitter XD
My Left Hand :)
My Right Hand :)

And I have to say this week I think RIGHT HAND WINS! WOOO! haha, if you don't know what I mean by that just take a look at some of my previous week's nails :P

Love you all! x x x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

2.9.13 Look of the Day-Peachey Keen for a lunch out with ma boys...

So I bought this new coral coloured dress and decided that a peachy makeup look would be just the thing to compliment it! Plus, peach makeup makes for a really nice cute day look that looks like you've made quite the effort :)

My Full Face and apologies for the awkward awful face I was pulling...unfortunately this was the best picture :S
My eyes o.O
So, to create this pwetty peachy look I used Cliniques' Lid Smoothie in the colour Bare Honey...? (something like that-it's worn off :/) as my base as this thing doesn't crease and will lighten the orange colour of L'Oreal's Magnetic Coral Color Infallible shadow :) I then worked a small amount of Fearne's black liner pencil into my lash lines and finished the eyes with some Maybelline The Rocket Volume mascara. For my face I used MAC's mineralized skinfinish in Adored (from the Tropical Taboo collection) and Milani Sunset Duo in number 02. On my lips I used a combo (god bless you Nicole Guerriero for giving me that idea!) of Accessorizes' Lipstick and a B. Lip Gloss :)
Products Used to create this pwetty look :3
So here's a sneak peak at the colour of my dress (store21) and my Necklace (New look)

Annnddd! I just HAD To share with you my cutsey shoes I bought from TK Maxx! I am so in love with them and they were only £14.99, Bargain! -plus, they're really comfy :3 x x x
ermaghadddd :'D

Monday, 2 September 2013

52WODN Last Installment of 3WeekFruitFest.....PINEAPPLES XD

XD <this kinda looks like a pineapple, no? haha, well it's the last week in my 3week Fruit fest!
And I cannot lie I have really enjoyed making it! Next time I pick a theme to run with I may do 4 or 5 weeks as once I had finished this last one I came up with so many other ideas! :P

Ahh well, to get this Pineapple inspired look all you need is a Steady Hand and Barry M's Textured Nail Paint in Station Rd, Model's Own Lemon Meringue Nail Polish, Claire's Accessories Glitter layer in Orange and a Orange Nail Art Pen :)

Polishes I used... :)

Here's what it looks like!...
My Left Hand :)

My Left Thumb :P

My Right Hand-Please excuse the Tippex from work... :O

My Right Thumb!

So, I think this week my Left Hand and Thumb win...sorry Right Hand! >.<

See you guys next week, I am not sure what the theme will be yet so why not Tweet me some ideas!? x x