Thursday, 28 November 2013

Perfect Palette Tag!

So I've been watching a lot of the Perfect Palette Tag on Youtube and my friend suggested I did it as a post!
So here are the questions and my answers!
1) Best Packaging
This goes to the Urban Decay Glinda Palette, the reason I have chosen this palette is that it is a really thick durable metal case, that protects shadows well (its not heavy though ;)). It has a lovely LARGE mirror inside and space for a pencil PLUS you can change the shadows in and out of the palette. What more could you want? The pretty outside is just a bonus.
Outer Box

2) Best Colour Pay-Off:
So this one kinda took a little thinking and at first I thought Naked 1 Palette...but then I remembered the absoultely stunning looks I used to create with these highly pigmented babies! The Too Faced Shadow Insurance Palette also came with a Shadow Insurance Primer and this and UD Primer Potion is all I ever use. I think Glamazon has to be my all time fave shadow out of this palette <3

Outer Packaging
A little look inside...

All One-Swipe Swatches
3) Most Versatile. This also took a little bit of thinking and my first initial reaction was to go for an 100 colour palette or something huge and then I thought, well my palette I actually get the most looks out of (probably just cos I use it allll the time ;D) is my Kat Von D Poetica palette. This palette is different in that it has a really bright copper orange (Chandler) as well as some really, really pretty neutrals (like Forgiveness & Sandtimer) but then POW! it hits you with a dark glittery Tijuana & Wonderland...AND then has two purples. I mean, just wow. Also worth noting I very nearly said that this has the best packaging but as it feels a little delicate I decided to give it to UD.
Outside of the palette
Just LOOK at those gorgeous colours <3

4) Best for Travel: This HAS to go to the Sleek Palettes. They're so....Sleek! They're really slim and feel very durable plus have a great big mirror and a huge array of shadows (both matte and shimmers) and are really good quality. I took the Snapshots pallete with me to barcelona and used it twice everyday (once for daytime once for nighttime looks :P). Fantastic palettes. They take up no room!

Look at how SKINNY it is!

5) Biggest regret.
This was really hard as I don't actually "Regret" any palettes I've bought so I decided to make this more of a never touched/waste of money for that reason haha! So I came up with my ELF Custom palette quad thingy...
So the idea is that you buy the compact and then buy the cheap little shadows, blushers whatevers to put in it and I just NEVER use it so although it was under a tenner...still money I could've saved.

Inside View...

6) Best Shade Names, this was easy for me, there was a hands-down winner from the start! Sleek!
I narrowed it to the Candy & Snapshots palette but yeah...I wanted to include the Aqua palette sooo badly too! haha, but with names like Apple Sour, Cream Soda, Liqourice, Blue Fizz, FLUMP! The Candy Palette NEEDS to be mentioned! But wait! The Snapshots Palette has names like...Humming Bird, Tequila Sunrise, Kiwi Flower, Sand Walker and Purple Haze and let me tell you every name is SO apprpriate for the colour it's untrue. This was probably my favourite category :P

Candy Palette on top of and above Snapshots Palette.

Snapshots Close Up

Candy Close Up

7) Least Used. In Fact-Also Never Touched!
The Wet n Wild Blue Had Me At Hello Palette. I love the colours, I think they're gorgeous and I also love how it tells you where to put the colours but I have no idea why I've never touched it!? I guess I just haven't got around to using it, I don't have that many blue clothes or accessories it could go with...maybe I could wear it for the xmas party? I do like the palette a lot, I have another one (can't remember the name off of the top of my head, greens and browns) and I use that ALL the time! haha, oh well!

Over View

8) And finally, Desert Island Palette. The One Palette you'd take with you were you stranded on a desert island and could choose! Naked 2.
Now, the reason I have said Naked 2 is because I kinda do use it as my desert island palette, if I am staying someone over night at short notice (like Ed's or a friend's or whatever) I'll chuck this palette in my overnight bag because I know in the morning I can create a really lovely look or if we're going out smoke up whatever I was wearing during the day already. It matches ANY clothes your wearing, any mood (apart from colour blocking haha ;)) So, it's a great palette to have on a desert island where you're sipping cocktails all day and awaiting for Johnny Depp to come and rescue you ;)

Outer Top of packaging
Look at the shades...

So that was my Perfect Palette Tag! I hope you guys enjoyed my take on the perfect palettes and comment below with yours? :) See you soon! x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

LOTD -Nicki Minaj-Esque for Karaoke night out XD

So this look started off as a Halloween party outfit and then my friend called me at the last minute saying it wasn't fancy dress anymore! SO I Whipped my wig off but then already had this incredibly heavy base and drawn on brows! So I decided to just go with really dramatic makeup...! I ended up doing a Lady Gaga tribute anyway so it all worked out for the best ;D AND of course I am wearing the Nicki Minaj MAC Lipstick :3

My Full Face XD

All Products/Palettes used :D


Thanks for looking guys! Like this look?? Favourite the tweet, Like the fb post ;) x x x

Monday, 25 November 2013

So as part of my making up for being such a bad blogger pack of posts I thought I'd do Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog's Monday Morning Poll questions for you and would love it if you'd copy and paste them and do a comment or your own post and link it to me in the comments? 

1. Do you wear mascara on your bottom lashes?
I do on occasion, when I go out to town or just when I really want a sexy dramatic look-which, lets face it is most of the time :P

2. Watching figure skating on TV: yes or no?

Yes when I was younger I used to love watching it with my mum and then pretending to do all the jumps in the living room afterwards...but nowadays all I can see on freeview is Dancing on ice and would I watch that? No.

3. What’s your favorite kind of pie?

My Favourite pie at the moment has to be this plum, fig & pie from M&S at the moment, it's so sweet with just the right amount of bitterness and I LOVE it.

4. Is there someone in your life who’s always encouraged you to chase after your dreams?

A lot of my family are very good at being encouraging-even when things are really down...but my Mum does have to be the best at cheering me on and encouraging me to be whoever I want to be.

5. Besides laughter, what’s the best medicine?

A hug. I genuinely feel that people these days are really anti-touch and being warm with each other. Now I am not saying I go round hugging and squeezing just ol' anybody but it's very difficult to know whether you can hug somebody or not these days, which is a real shame as a good hug can make you feel so secure and comforted.

6. Have you ever dedicated a song on the radio to someone?

Urmmm, no, but I did sing on the Itchen College Radio when I was there...That was pretty awesome :)

7. Where do you feel the safest?

In my bed! haha, like a kid when you think there are monsters and you hide under your that piece of cloth will protect you from anything! haha :)

8. Who makes the best drugstore nail polish?

Barry M! Without fail and I am sure most UK gals will agree ;) 

9. What shoes are you wearing today?

Slippers as I have been lounging around after a 10 mile hike round London yesterday, shopping, visiting Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland and then walking to the Albert Hall to watch Classical Spectacular performed by the Philharmonic!

10. Hello, would you like whipped cream with your hot cocoa? 

Hey Hun, Deffo-Sprinkles and Sauce too if you don't mind! ;) x

I hope you can all forgive me and I can't wait to share what I got from Illamasqua in London and I have a couple other treats up my sleeve... If you liked this piece +1 it! and tweet me your replies:

1. Do you wear mascara on your bottom lashes?
2. Watching figure skating on TV: yes or no?
3. What’s your favorite kind of pie?
4. Is there someone in your life who’s always encouraged you to chase after your dreams?
5. Besides laughter, what’s the best medicine?
6. Have you ever dedicated a song on the radio to someone?
7. Where do you feel the safest?
8. Who makes the best drugstore nail polish?
9. What shoes are you wearing today?
10. Hello, would you like whipped cream with your hot cocoa?

                               x                                                 x                                                    x

Monday, 18 November 2013

LOTD-Ariel's Flounder Inspired Eye look :3

So this is my craziest look for a while, what can I say? Every once in a while I like to throw on a wig and just go for it?? My inspiration for this look was Flounder from the Little mermaid, plus I just couldn't wait to try out my new sugarpill neon elektrocute pigment which I got here:
 I love Cocktail Cosmetics and will certainly be buying more of these pigments!

Ma Strange Face ;D

All Products used :D

 I think next time I'll do my brows too, just to push it up a notch ;)

Hope you guys like this super crazy look! Let me know what you think about the pigments and recommend me some more sugarpill colours?? x o x o

Monday, 11 November 2013

LOTD The very start of Fall looks for me!

So this week's LOTD is my first of my fall/autumn looks, purple and smokey it's perfect for this time of year :')
My Full W I D E face :P

I don't know why but this photo made my face look particularly wide! haha, oh well! I used a fair few different eye products to get this look but its worth noting it stayed put and looked lovely all day! This was also the first time I have used the Sleek Vintage Romance Palette & Antique Blush and I LOVE them! They're both so perfectttt for this time of year :')-Good Job Sleek! I also used a Mac Mineralized eyeshadow...can't say I am in love with these but I do like the glitterey-ness :P And Illamasqua's Depravity made a lovely base for the look.
I am wearing the B.Beautiful foundation mixed with the Body Shop's illuminator (can't buy this anymore). Ooh! And it's really noticeable in the photograph how gorgeous Benefit's Lemon-Aid is under the eye! -Look how smoothed out and fresh it looks there! <3
I am still loving MaxFactor's Wild Mega Volume Mascara and finished the look with MUA Lip Boom in Vibe, which is their nude-iest/most natural colour :)

My Purple Smoked out eyes

All Products used for this look!

So, this is my first fall look! Did you like it? What do you think of the new Sleek Vintage Romance Palette & Antique Blush? Did you pick them up? x x x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

LOTD First of November and it's an ARTY one :3

So, I got this BeautyUK palette on a whim as it caught my eye. WOW. IT IS AMAZING. It totally made me inspired to do all these different art-sey eyes... Today's just makes me think of a goildfish :P

My full face MINUS lipstick...cos I actually forgot! D:

Ma amazzzinnng eyes... if I do say so myself ;)
I just used a white shadow in the inner third of the lid, and blended orange out from there, lined with a black gel liner :) I tried Rimmel's Stay Matte foundation from the sample...I quite liked it, it was a great medium-full coverage and lasted well but it wasn't matte all day, so, can't give it 5 stars but I did like the finish as it really did not look cakey! and it was quite a good colour match :). I then used Elf's highlighter, Milani's sunset duo, Body shop under eye concealer (which is AMAZING, a stiffer stick version of fakeup-i'd say) and then lashed up with Lancome Hypnose mascara <3

I really liked this eye look and think I'll be trying a few more like :)

Monday, 4 November 2013

52 WODN 4.11.13 Space Inspired...Out of this world :')

When you touch me I die, just a little inside, I wonder if this could be love, this could be love, cos' you're out this world, galaxy, space & time, I wonder if this could be love, this could love!! I am so in LOVE with Gaga's new song VENUS! I just think its so catchy and amazing, kinda reminiscent of Judas and I just cannot stop listening to it XD. Anyhoo, That is why this nail look is OUT of this world!

My Left Hand :)

My Right Hand :)

Polishes used-Barry M's Pink Sapphire Glitter & Sally Hansen's Purple Pulse

I am kinda into everything space-y at the moment, I've always loved the Star Trek movies :3 I am reading Hitch hiker's Guide to the galaxy (currently on the second part where they land on earth billions and billions of years ago) and I've been reading a lot into big bang & moon landing conspiracy theories :P haha, this is all in my spare time of course :P x