Tuesday, 30 April 2013

EPQ Update #2 Designs Galore!

So, I was off ill today (yesterday I couldn't even look at a pc screen so it was nice to be able too today :)) and though, I couldn't work or really do much, I decided to draw my designs for my EPQ idea of the Celebrity Perfume Bottle Inspiration Thing Doo Dah. Yeah!

FAME inspired #1

This is the very first design I came up with, Inspired by the GAGA bottle of FAME. To be perfectly honest, I love everything about FAME. The bottle is gorgeous, the scent is sophisticated (and I like that there are no top, bottom etc etc "notes" everything is equal :)) and the whole thing that it's black!? AMazing XD. So, my design is simple. Strong Black Lips (inspired by the liquid) lined with the same Gold Eyeliner I'll use to create the brows & checkered design on the lids (representing the pretty claw lid). I have (really tried to D:) sketch on some contour just below the cheekbones and very very lightly on the temples sweeping up. Overall, I am very happy with this design, but I do look forward to the next one I make a little more so, hoping it'll have an extra oomph in it :D.

Red Sin Inspired #1

Up next I made this Simple, yet Classic look from Christina Aguilera's Red Sin Bottle. I googled red eyeliner quickly (to make sure it actually looked alright :L) and yes! Red eyeliner, if done strongly and correctly looks great! Though, I am struggling to find drugstore brands that make a good one, I think I'll probably end up with Sleek's Rouge Eau La Liner (which they kindly recommended to me) or if Fashionista has one (they STILL haven't replied to my fb comment) I'll try that too. The addition of a soft neutral-VERY WELL BLENDED- shadow to the crease was just something I threw on at the end, giving it a quite sixties feel.
I then moved onto the lips, now, I really wanted to use actual red lace material on this look somewhere (inspired by Gaga too, I guess :L haha!) and the lips just seemed like the best place for it. Lips are so expressive anyway, why not add some clothing to them too? The Bow Beauty Spot turned out so much better than I thought and the more I see it, the more I like it. I have not added any contour to this and may regret that later, we'll have to see who I can find to wear this one!

Red Sin Inspired #2
I then went straight onto the second design (I am amazed that this bottle is the one I've had the most ideas for!). This one is a lot more simple, with the red lace being wrapped around the eyes (for Ageeeesss I was sat there deciding whether or not it needed eye holes or not :S deciding it did, was a very good decision as the looks are all about the makeup in the end :)). I also had the thought that the lashes should be long & very thin and protrude out of the eye holes very noticeably. The cheeks are to have a VERY well blended SOFT touch of blush to the apples only and lips, blanked out and replaced with a drawn on bow. I am thinking of bring the bow down a bit though-so the knot is in the centre of the lips.

Reb'l Fleur Inspired #1
 After lunch and a quick nap, I awoke to find myself drawn to the Rihanna Bottle-of which I could not remember the name of! but after a quick google ;) I got there. I love the wrapped around black & gold and instantly thought this is how I want it on the face. However, I found it incredibly difficult to copy the gold lines of the bottle, so just went for it. I like my meeting lines of the corners but really don't like the whole look at the same time :(. I think it looks too much like a Zebra :S. I dunno, but, I am not that keen on it. I do like the lashes I drew on it though! I think this is too much copying and not enough inspired. I need to re think this one all together.

Reb'l Fleur Inspired #2
Round 2-Ding Ding Ding! This time, I was determined to be more inspired than copying. But as I drew, I liked the yellow lids, I liked the yellow lips, I really liked the brown brows....But I really didn't like (and am still not keen on) the black linerey parts :(. Without the black I love this-but then its not inspired enough. I dunno, can't seem to get to grips with this bottle...maybe I'll try the nude one? I know its exactly the same just different colours, but that may help me like the designs...? worth a try :).

Pink Friday Inspired #1
After the Riri Fail :( I glimpsed over at my little moodboard and thought oohh yeah, lets do some minajjjing ;)
So, Originally thinking I was going to use Gold all over the face (I might still do so in my next design ;)) I found myself wanting Full On Eyes but nothing else...So, off I went and then came the fabulously sexy falsies-well, how could I let a Nicki Minaj design out without them? and found the perfect pink to pop on the lips and waheyy! But, like the Gaga one, I can't help but think its lacking something :(....I'll find out what, maybe a WIG!? haha! Maybe.... :)

Purr Inspired #1
Last, but, definitely NOT LEAST! Came my Katy Perry's Purr Inspired look. I went all out for this and (lips aside :L) I tried to not get too involved with the outfit she wears on the box XD. By this time I wanted some serious blending and crease colouring and contouring and smudging and lining and just anything and everything to do with making a beautifully creative & intricately stunning eye. I even added some Diamantes, like the classy gal I am ;) The lashes are to be long and seperated, the Brows are to be strong and thin. The cheeks are to be flushed well with a true Barbie Pink shade (of which I haven't decided on yet ;)).

Overall, my favourites are the 2 red sin's and purr :) Hopefully I'll get some new, fresh, more ooomphy designs down in the next few days :).

EPQ Update #1 Moodboard CRAZY XD

All my boards up on my noticeboad for CONTINUOUS inspiration ;)
So, I have been working like crazy on all sorts of different moodboards to decide what I want to inspire me for the makeup looks I am going to create for my Extended Project. Here are ALL my moodboards (I do not own the images and am only using them for inspiration, no intention to infringe copyright etc was made). I created 5 Boards in total (who am I kidding, they're just publisher bits of paper ;)). An Autumn/Winter 2013, Spring Summer 2013, Insects & Fish Inspired, Pop Art Inspired & Celebrity Perfume Bottle Inspired.>>>>>>

Autumn/Winter 2013 Board

1) So, the A/W Board was originally my favourite (most are MAC artists' Designs and creations for various Designers and Catwalks) I loved the intensity of blacks, golds and even reds in some cases! I pacticularly liked the wet leather red on the eye on the model on the very far right, so intense and gorgeous! I also really like the intensity and richness of the gold on the model above that, I instantly thought of using LOOK Beauty's Mono Eyeshadow in Luxe or Lame XD.

Spring/Summer Board peeking up behind the Fish and LadyBug Designs

2) Next Came the Spring/Summer 2013 Look Board. Most of which I really LOVED the Orange Lips :') I mean, I love Orange as my blush and lips anyway and when I saw all of these I was sat there like afgUYFGDJHfg! haha!
But, Apart from the Orange lips and use of Diamantes (from Dior) I really didn't find any INSPIRATION. And this is the problem I found with the A/W too, every look I came up with in my head looked tooo similar to the MAC designs I was seeing. :/

Fish, Insects (though you can't see Bumblebees) and Cats...
3) So, I decided to move out of the ol' Comfort zone and look at Insects, Fish & other Animalias XD. Bumblebees, you would think would be fantastic, yet Google Images failed to produce the ideas and inspirations I was craving by this time! Fish were few but perfectly fantastic with what I stumbled upon. I simply yearn to use circles and sequins in a similar way to these shown....and my possible favouite (yet the most quiet and wearable) is probably the eye shot left from the right corner, the fish incorporated to the corner of the eye is just stunning! However, I didn't think this was quite meaty enough for the 6 designs I need to come up with :S

4) Then, I was skimming through my inbox when I got reminded of the Fabulous NARS & Andy Warhol Collection. Having bought myself the Edie Box Set at Christmas-I suddenly went all tingly at the thought of googling Andy Warhol again!
So, my favourite pictures have to be those 3 in the bottom right, in fact all on the bottom row are incredible and very pop-arty-The bottom left hand corner is a very famous/commonly seen MAC artist's creation, next one along to that is Alice in Wonderland Inspired without being obvious, I love how it says Drink Me (against the lips-used to drink!?) <<I am sure you understood that but I had to say it XD. But my 2 favourite are the ones with that Neon Green/Yellowey Colour used!
Better Photo of the Pop Art Board!
Pop Art Inspired  Board, Perhaps the best ones are hidden, I'll take another photo...

5) I then, randomly, just googled GAGA! (of course, pfft!) and found this fabulous Photo this girl had done inspired by the FAME bottle (bottom left corner) and EUREKA! THAT WAS IT!? Why had I not seen it sooner? Perfume Bottles (paticularly those by celebrities) Are Beautiful and very intricate and sexy and INSPIRING! They do not show a definite Makeup Look, they're open to design and suggestions!!! So, I have been going crazy over this idea :3
Perfume Bottles! YES!?

My Favourites so far are the GAGA one, Nicki Minaj and actually, Christina Aguilera's Red Sin :)
I'll do an update with my designs next, but BOY am I relieved to finally be happily set on an idea! :D Maybe EPQ wasn't such a terrible idea by my GATEway Teacher? ;)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Palette Collection Review #1 E.L.F. 100 Colour Palette

So, I bought this palette in TK Maxx (though, lately they seem to be running really low on beauty pickings :( ) for around £7.99. Totally worth it for the amount of colours you get in this! Below I have a picture of shadows with the tick (AMAZING!) shadows with a cross (Don't even bother looking twice at D:) and some without either (neither amazing or bad, worth a play every now and again). As you can see from the picture its a shame that there are hardly any good purples :'( But a good selection of browns/bronzes etc and lovely Blues! I have actually drawn these on top of the palette too, so, when I am working quickly I can know which shadows to not bother with and which ones to rush into! Overall Tasha rating: B+
E.L.F. 100 Colour Palette

Saturday, 27 April 2013

52 Weeks of Delicious Nails 27.4.13

Ok, well, I decided to do this after the sun started appearing (sort of) this week...and...now I am not so sure on the colour. It seems to remind me of Heinz' Tomato Soup :/ Bit awks haha! But It's not awful either, its quite a posh Nail Polish so, I am mainly testing the staying power. The Bottom is Ciate for ASOS in the colour "Olivia" with Claire's Nail Polish (unnamed)- it's just a an Orange Glitter Nail Polish, very small pieces of glitter though D:
My Left Hand, and as you can tell, you can't really see the Glitter :(

52 Weeks of Delicious Nails 15.4.13

My Left Hand
 First week back to College after Easter Break, I wanted something soft & pretty yet well groomed and smart. I decided that muted pink and silvery glittery pink would be the way forward! XD I used Illamasqua's Jan as the Muted Pink shade (THIS STUFF STAYED ON FOR NEARLY 2 WEEKS BTW!) and the Glittery ones are Barry M's Pink Silver Glitter Nail Paint (number 337).

My Right Hand

 Below is My Gran's Nails (just cos' they're pretty!) The colour is gorgeous on her skin and is actually from one of those cheapy sets you get when you buy a makeup case. Probably something like Colour Club(?) It's unnamed and unbranded but worth the picture :')
My Gran's Right Hand

52 weeks of Delicious Nails 8.4.13

So, My Birthday was Yesterday! YAY! and now this Friday the band and I (Studio Couch, please like us on facebook!) have a Private party to play and it's dress up and as there's four of us, we're going as The Beatles XD So, we're all wearing Black suits and looking sooo Smart ;) Hence, I painted my nails Black & White to match my Suit :D.The Black is Barry M's number 47 Nail Paint and the White is also Barry M in number 66 :)
My Left Hand (My Right was the same just opposite colours)

52 Weeks of Delicious Nails :') 1.1.13

So, Every week I paint my nails a different design and colour, I don't have as many nail polish's as some people on youtube, neither do I have/use all OPI or Essie or China Glaze ;).
I actually think the majority of my nail polishes are Barry M, Models Own, Illamasqua (all apart from one recieved in the Mystery boxes) and Revlon.
This is what I did for New Year's and I used Barry M's Buzz Edition in Dark Pink and Covered it with Barry M's Pink Sapphire Glitter 352.

52 Weeks of Delicious Nails :') 7.1.13

So for the week after New Year (going back to college and exams...wahhh D:) I decided to go with these gorgeous Purple Nails, long, neat and smart :D. For this I used Leighton Denny's The Heiress.

52 Weeks of Delicious Nails, 14.1.13

First full week back at college and me and Beth were trying to fill our massive Friday afternoon free! And I wanted to try out using these cute lil' butterfly nail decals I got from poundland. I don't know what Nail Varnishes Beth's wearing, but I am wearing Sally Hansen's Dorien Grey. Aren't these Nail Decals cute!? And for a huge little wheel from poundland! Amazing :')
Beth's Left Hand

Beth's Right Hand

My Left Hand

My Right Hand

52 Weeks of Delicious Nails 1.4.13

My Left Hand

My Right Hand
So, I had to stop taking photos of my delicious nails and things as my phone (that was my camera, as it was fantastic) stopped working and broke :( (wahhh D:) now I have a new phone :) But the camera on it is ATROCIOUS. So, I have just started to take pictures with my actual digital camera and have started again :). This is my Easter inspired nails! The Speckled (W7's Salt & Pepper) represents the egg and the yellow (Barry M's New Texture Nails in Station Road 304) represents the chick from it :).

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lush Cosmetics 29/12/12

Still technically December, but oh well!

So I got X2 Cream eyeshadows (£14.50e) and X1 Liquid Lipstick (£14.50e).

Firstly, "Lifted" Eyeshadow: compared with Benefit's LemonAid by the woman in the shop (much to my dismay!). Its nice and creamy but is too sheer with not enough initial pigment. Builds up well but I feel like it needs a good shake before every use and the applicator is only good to get it out of the bottle rather than to pat and blend it onto the lid. Too Expensive, but very cute bottle!
Overall: C-


Seconds! "Sophisticated" Eyeshadow: Be.A.U.Ti.Ful <3
Such a gorgeous colour! Soft, shimmery can't wait to use more of this and layer it up with soft, buttery eyeshadows like Benefit's Velvet ones etc.
Overall: B+

Lastly, "Glamorous" Liquid Lipstick: Reminds me of MAC's Nicki Minaj Lipstick for some reason :D. Creamy. Matte and HUGELY pigmented <3 much more worth the money than the eyeshadows I feel. Overall: A (but I kinda wish you got a slightly bigger bottle!)

Last few thoughts....I wouldn't mind trying the eyeliners from this collection, maybe they should release a cheek tint?? I haven't tried using the lipstick as a tint, but I wouldn't want too as it's too matte.