Sunday, 22 December 2013

New Years Resolutions and What I wore to the Christmas Party

So as it's getting nearer and nearer to 2014...HOORAY! (cannot wait for 2013 to be over!)
I am thinking more about what I'd like to challenge myself to do for the first bit of the year-haha!

1) I've decided that I'd like to lose a stone. I love my body and it's not from an image point of view, but more from a health angle, so one stone to lose and keep off-I shall be doing blog posts about this perhaps once a month as I am really not going to be doing as a quick harsh diet change, I'd like to do it as healthily and steadily so I can make the changes more permanent. I did used to be the quite the butterball child and hate to think that even though I've evened out a bit more, that I am unhealthy-the main issue is exercise as opposed to an unhealthy diet-But we shall see what my plan becomes :)

2) Project Hit-Pan! So, I am sure you've seen a lot of other bloggers/youtubers etc do this tag or project. It's when you don't buy anymore makeup (oh dear god, I nearly choked on my gum typing it!) and try to aim to use up what you already have-which is quite a lot for me, so I think this is a good idea. I'll be doing once-monthly posts about this as well so I ACTUALLY stick to it!

3) DO at least 5 Good Deeds a week. I do feel as though I work hard already, but by good deeds I mean, making someones day-I mean like giving an old person your seat, helping someone who's car's broken down all sorts of nice, Selfless acts. I plan on making like a little checklist in my Filofax for each week to remind me :P

4) Maintain my brows more often! I do work on my brows and try to keep them groomed, between one to two months at a time as they don't grow too fast but they do need an upkeep more often I feel! Trim, pluck etc, quick lil' brow shape up!

So I think these goals are pretty achievable, they always say your goals need to be Achievable, with a good Time limit/Quantity

Next up is my makeup and nails for the HRTC Christmas Party!

Ma full FACEY!


All products used just chucked on my vanity... (sorry bout that >.<)

My Karla Chart I did as a guide...


Right Hand XD

MA pwetty right thumb,which the glitter of is just AMAZE-balls.

I have a couple more posts before the end of this year including my 2013 Beauty Favourites! So be sure to stick around guys, thanks for all your support and if I don't post before, have a very Merry Christmas!

Much Love,

Tasha x x x

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