Monday, 2 December 2013

52WODN A Double Bubble Post ;)

Going on from my apology for being such a bad blogger I have decided to do a double 52WODN! Just to prove that I DO change my nails EVERY WEEK! :P

I was actually quite disappointed with the Revlon Mon Cherry (plain red above) as it chipped within minutes of me wearing it? Bad! But I think it may be faulty as I've never had a problem with Revlon polishes before :S I also don't think that the photo does justice to the Barry M Ruby Glitter polish as it's just BEAUTIFUL in real life XD

I hope you like these two, they are from the last two previous weeks as this week I am going...wait for it...BARE!? Only till Saturday as I want to try out a new cuticle cream/oil thing AND I want to make my nails SUPER special for Saturday Night's HRTC Xmas Party! :) Love you all, see you in the next post which may be not very beauty related :P x x x

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