Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Filofax Showtime!

So I know that this is primarily a make up blog but I am sure most of you are aware I could NOT function without my filofax! Purely because I am quite forgetful about times etc and I am a very organised person who believes punctuality is extremely important (omg, so sad I know >.<)  that is the main reason I need my filofax in my life.

Pre-Warning: This is a LoooOOoooOOooOOOOooong post! XD

I got it from TK Maxx so I got it at a cheaper price than buying it from WH Smith or Filofax directly. I have the Metropol (the style) Personal (the size) Organiser in this pretty Blue/Lavender colour.

So the first initial inside flap has two stickers on it, one "Oh, Honey!" sticker from the Katy Perry Eyelure lashes and a 3d lenticular (I think they call them?) sticker from Barbie :P
It then has six lil' pockets to hold business cards and one large pocket that I put the "Stick & Memo" Flap around so I can always reach stickies and notes quickly & easily.

Next up is my first divider, I actually made all these dividers from paper packs I got off of Amazon (I measured out the old ones and drew round them then cut them out and glued two sides together :)). I decorated this one with my Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette sleeve (which is just waaay too pretty to throw away!), a lil' cupcake embellishment I made and a small hello kitty heart sticker :3.

This divider holds the "Month on two pages" pages I have which I actually just use for blogging! It gives a really easy, quick overview that I can just see when each post needs to be up, when to tweet it etc.

These are little stickers that I got from Amazon and I use these anywhere in my diary! You get lots of little birthday ones, holiday, dentist, medical, car mots, dinners out, special occasions, sports-all sorts! These are just so useful, you get two pages of them as well and they're fairly inexpensive too. Just Love these :')

Month on two pages-Didn't want you to see what I had coming up! :P

I had to blur it out as I didn't want you guys to get a whiff of what's coming up ;D but you can see I use lil' fluorescent stickies as my markers (nah, different colours don't really mean much, just the colour I was feeling that day :P). I also mark around the actual month as it shows you days of the last month and next month and that really confuses me >.< So, I highlight around the actual month to make it easier to see at a glance.

Next divider is Week View! (I like the week on two pages as I find it gives me enough space to jot everything down for each day, I also have found I like to use the lined/ruled pages as my handwriting can be appalling without a little guidance :P) I would ideally like the day on one page but they don't make it in Personal size that I could find... as it has a nice layout of hours for the day and I like to be precise :P. As you can see I used my Sleek Candy Collection Palette box for this divider and added some embellishments (lil' hearts & flower).

Lil' Snapshot of Week on two pages layout

So you can see in the pic above that highlight comments differently, Green is something to remember, pink means I have to go somewhere/leave the house and then I add stickies, I have these adorable lil' camera ones that I like to write on them what I am photographing-you can see on this one it's for this post!

Address Divider: (not pretty enough to photograph!)
These adorable pages of Adventure Time themed Address Spaces I made myself on Publisher. I measured the Filofax pages and then edited the page size on publisher to that size so they printed the right size :) I actually typed up addresses I already had but just left spaces for ones I don't so I could write them in later.

So this divider is my "orders" divider, because I hardly do any shopping in store anymore (apart from the odd makeup and clothing) so I keep track of all things ordered in here! Then I can chase up deliveries of stuff if I've forgotten I've ordered it haha! Oh dear... But you can see this divider's paper is so pretty, I wanted just one brightly coloured thing in the centre and this Illamasqua lip booklet cover seemed like the thing! You can see the set this booklet came from here:

Next up is my "Important" divider, perhaps the busiest looking divider I have!? It's pretty much the opposite to the Orders divider, I had a really busy paper style and wanted something quite simple to sit on top of it and this Iron Fist label (comes on all their clothes) was something I wanted on display somewhere so this seemed perfect :')
In my Important divider I just keep important bits of info I might forget like blood group etc :).

Now this divider is my favourite! (Go on, just guess as to why :P) It's actually for my To Do lists but the decoration on this one definitely steals away the prize from any others to me... I used an old Benefit box from the One Hot Minute powder! I just cut it more neatly and added a pic of Ed and I underneath and bingo! Really cute divider :3
I WILL NOT be showing you a picture of my To-Do list layout as it is pure MAYHEM!

So, as you can see I basically keep old boxes/cute packaging as you never know when they might come in useful for a craft project like this one!

My Divider for finding my place!

Believe it or not, this page finder is made of an old Tissue Box, the black parts were actually furry but I had to laminate it to make it stronger but I still love this print & in real life you can see the indents from the furry stuff and I love that :3

This divider & the next one are made from old pages of Benefit Catalogues!! This one I loved as Simone looks so pretty in the circus themed ring leader's outfit and I liked the horse :P
This divider is my Post Note pages, so any posts I am making like this one gets two to three pages for me to just doodle on and make notes on what I am going to say so I don't forget what I thought was important at the time!!

This was the advert for the new box o'powder plush glosses when they came out :3 I do really like them actually!
And this divider is for my exercise/healthy eating progress log/ideas for lunches etc. Everything to do with that side of my life basically!

This is the last bit of my Filofax, it's a personal sized sticky notes (official Filofax product) bought off of Amazon also. You can probably tell by now that Amazon is my life lol :P

Above are all the sticky notes I have that I slide into the front sleeve of my organiser, I got all of these off of eBay literally by typing in cute sticky notes (Be warned, you may end up spending over £30 on sticky notes as I very nearly did!). I chose these, though, because they have one nicely sized note sticker and lots of little tabbies which I really like to use as they don't take up much space and the camera ones I use (set not pictured here) to remind myself to take pictures of things/products!

This picture is all my pens I use in my Filofax!! On different coloured papers, I like to use different textures/colours whatever that stand out and make it more easily (in my opinion) read. I have a nice range of Sharpie Fine Points in lots of pretty bold colours, another nice range of Stabilo fine liners in nice bold & pastel colours, a great set of Crayola thin pens (I love soft feeling colouring pens like these! :3) and finally a small set of coloured metallic pens also! So it's a big range of textures, colours etc to match the paper types in my organiser.

Anyhoo. That is FINALLY IT! Well Done & Thank You so much if you made it all the way to the end! Even if you just scrolled through the piccies :P I hope you like this and this has given you some ideas on how to organise/spruce up your old Filofax/whichever organiser you use. I love you all very much and will see you in the next post! x x x

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