Friday, 4 April 2014

Pin Up/Rockabilly LOTD inspired by Punky Pins!

You know those days when you're really down and you just want something to just pick you up a little bit? Well, I thought that Riri Woo maybe the answer-and it was!
But that wasn't the only thing inspiring me to look a tad pinup-esque though-It may have something to do with my good ol' friends from PunkyPins and the necklace I got from them!

My Necklace <3
So, I am sorry this is so soppy and throw-ey up-ey but this is the only thing I have ever bought that is personalised to and Ed & I because I normally hate things like that, I think it's self-obsessed and not nice but there was something about this necklace that I was just like..."Yeah, I really like that!" Possibly because on the site they use John & Yoko and Elvis & Marie as examples and those are couples that were quite glamorized, so perhaps that's why I liked it :P You can choose from 3 colours but seeing as I don't have very much Green based jewellery I thought this would be a good choice :) You can find that necklace here:

My Full Face :)
Anyway, moving back onto my face look! I just had really plain, good coverage skin and my Riri Woo gracing my lips, for my eyes I used Benefit's Foiled Cream shadow (which was limited edition but down below I have swatched a colour you can get that's exactly the same) all over my lid, Lined my eyes with liquid liner & topped off my lips with H&M's lipgloss in red.

All Products Used.

So there ya go, Pinup styles like this are generally very simple, but very effective! They look so fantastic and once you're not shy of the liner technique-they're very easy to create in little amounts of time :)

Dupe for Foiled!

So, the dupe I found for Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow in Foiled was Bareminerals pressed powder eyeshadow in Ooh Lala. Foiled has a slight more sheen due to the cream texture but apart from that they have the same metallic and mauve mix in them, plus I am really getting into Bareminerals shadows as they are ever so creamy and blendy :3

Hope you guys like this LOTD!? Why not give it a +1? ;) x x x

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