Thursday, 27 March 2014

L'Oreal Color Riche L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks!

So as some of you may know/remember from my MaxFactor post:
I am a member of the Boots tester panel and so they sometimes send me things for free to try! Which is super nice of them and it's always a nice surprise to have a package waiting when I get home!!
I have had all sorts from toothpaste to really expensive Charles Worthington hair products so when I get makeup it's an extra bonus in my opinion :D

This month they have sent me the new L'Oreal Liquid Lipsticks...
FORGET everything you know of "Liquid Lipsticks". Now, I want you to think of balms, glosses, stains, lipsticks, all lip products. Now, roll them all into one. What do you get? A Balmy, soft lipstick that doesn't feel sticky yet has the amazing shine of a gloss, has great pigmentation and lasts relatively well!

I am not a huge lover of these but I do like the fact there's nothing else like these on the market. If you're not a fan of lipsticks, you prefer the gloss, but get annoyed you get not a lot of colour payoff-these are great!

Lovely Packaging! 'Scuse the finger prints!!
Tops :)
Applicators & Colours on side of tubes :)
-Soft & Balmy
-Last well (couple hours no retouching needed-which in my opinion is great for something so soft!)
-Fairly Inexpensive
-Lovely packaging
-Nice soft applicator that's a good size too

Fuchsia Drama
Nude Ballet
-Smell. I don't mind the smell but it is very strong (kinda passion fruit/mango-ey, so if you don't like strong fruit smells see if you can sniff it out in store first!)

That's it, the smell is literally all I can think of that is wrong with this product! I really like these :) Go get yours here:
There's a tonne of colours to choose from! I am looking out for a purple :3 x

*UPDATE-I found this amazing gal on YouTube who swatches stuff really well-Give her a Subbie!

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