Tuesday, 29 October 2013

LOTD Random Day... Just chillin' :0)

So today was a random day, just chillin' trying to get rid of my cold, which seems to plague us bbloggers just when we get into our swing of posting... -.- And so my makeup was soft and simple.

My fully made up face :)

As you can see...FAKEUP has done it's job pretty damn well! I was trying this sample of Estee Lauder's double wear foundation and although it was slightly too dark, it didn't oxidise and did stay all day, so that'll be on my Xmas wishlist :D Also, this is actually the first time I tried out the Milani shadow set and...it was...really bad :( I am sorry to report it just turned into a grey mash by the end of the day :(
The H&M gloss was amazing! Very nice pigmentation XD and not sticky. The Stay blushed by Rimmel needs a bit more trying but first impressions-I liked the colour and application was easy :)

Products used :)

Hope you liked this post and hopefully I'll be all better soon so I can show you lots more things in upcoming posts, it's been so difficult to fit everything in but I am GETTING there...finally :)

Thanks for all your support guys :) x x x

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