Monday, 28 October 2013

Halloween 52 WODN & I am going away tonight!

Today's 52WODN is for HALLOWEEN WEEK. Yes, sorry it's taken so long for anything Halloween-ey to be posted on here, but, tbh....I really don't like Halloween :( I don't like getting scared. I am such a wuss and Grannie I know but it's really not my thing...Christmas on the other hand!!-Don't get me started!! :D

So yeah, for this week I decided to do a 52WODN post that had my gruesome (kinda pretty) nails...

My Left Hand :)

Ma Left Thumb-io :)

My Right Hand!

Ma Right Thumb-io
Don't they kinda look like bloody lungs or body bits?? D: I dunno, but this is the best gore I can do :P
To get this look I just put on some Barry M Croc effect on top of just a wet base coat and once dry painted over Revlon's Mon Cherry -just the once to get the blood-ey effect :S

So, what d'ya think?? Not too bad, eh? :/ haha, well apart from Cutesey Frankensteins and fangs this was as horrible as I could go!

I go away tonight to see ma friend Annie at Uni! So I am excited for that and what shenanigans it may bring... ;) but keep your eyes peeled as there is a LOTD scheduled for tomorrow :) x x x

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