Monday, 7 October 2013

52WODN 7.10.13. I am sorry I missed a week, BUT..!

The cute candy inspired nails I had from 2 weeks ago, just lasted and lasted and I kept getting A LOT of compliments on them so didn't want them to go! Haha! But I have got a 52 weeks of delicious nails post for you in today, so, here it is!

I am a little bit like everyone else in that I totally jumped on the whole "moustache everything" band waggon, but I have never attempted to make moustache inspired nails before so this was a new challenge like no other :P To get this look I used Revlon's Timeless and a Black nail art pen I own :)

Oui, Oui, Oui
I think they look so, so cute! Look! Little-Frainch Men :P However. There is a reason there is only one hand of little french moustache-d men. Because, after doing these nails I went and did horsey things and that lead to my nails getting destroyed. I will show you the little man that came out the best...

Poor little guy...

 So this week, Left hand TOTALLY wins. Hands down, though it's a little unfair as the right hand was pretty much ruined by nothing of it's own fault. Thanks for reading guys! Speak soon :3 x x x

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