Saturday, 25 January 2014

Healthy Eating & Excercise post #1

So I didn't really start my New Years' Resolution of healthy eating & exercise until the 6th, but I am convinced that if I had started on the 1st I would've broken it by now, but day one went really, very well!

For breakfast I had an Option's hot choc (only 60 calories and after my drive home from ed's I was cold :P) And a bowl of Tropical muesli. What can we take away from this? That I had a good source of vitamins and dairy from my Muesli and a sugar and calorie intake-which wasn't physically necessary, more mentally ;)

For lunch we were out at Costa but instead of having something with rich cheddar in I went with the lower in fat Mozzarella and Pesto Panini (I was looking for the Chicken Tikka as this would've been better again but they were out :/) and a bottle of water. So after this I have had all my Dairy for the day, a good amount of Carbs but like no Protein or Veg yet-So I was looking for dinner!

For Dinner I had roast chicken-Quarter plate (no skin & breast only), a slither of stuffing (left over from our Xmas supplies ;)), half of my plate filled with Peas, Carrots and Green Beans and 2 Roast potatoes (I don't know why mum never does anything but roasties with chicken-may need to have a chat :P).

So, you can see that my day has been a very balanced diet day-Yay!

Exercise: 6 minutes cycling, 6 minutes rowing, 6 minutes weights, 6 minutes stepper

So I've been doing this for 2 weeks now and most day's after this have been similar and I've decided to take a few piccies of stuff to show you :)
My Kenwood Smoothie 2Go!

As part of the whole healthy living thing...and this is something that's quite fashionable now too. Smoothies! My favourite recipe so far has to be Pineapple, Peaches, Banana and Spinach (But please trust me you cannot taste the spinach, it's there purely for nutritional content and to make it green).

You can search for loads of recipes online and find your favourite one (I've been using tinned peaches and pineapples-just check it's not in syrup or has added sugar, if it's just in the natural juice you're good to go :)).

Another recipe I like is blueberries and yoghurt but I am not overly keen on raspberries/blackberries in with it too as all the pips do my head in!

Frozen Bananas and Raspberries behind!

I've been eating oranges by the Bucket Load!

An example of my lunch

Now when I am not out and about my lunches are consisting of a split pot yoghurt, a wrap (or two, if I am at work), X5 pringles (or 4 depending on the flavour) a glass (or two) of smoothie and sometimes a chocolate chip snack a jack. Plenty of fruit too! I am quite partial to a Pear or Banana (if I haven't had a nana in my porridge that morning).

Then for Breakfast at the moment I am enjoying either a tropical muesli (with sultanas, dried pineapple, coconut and banana) or porridge, which I make with unsweetened Almond milk (I find this is healthier and more natural tasting than added sugar ones) and add either a chopped Banana or Fresh fruit chopped up (in this picture you can see I went with plumey type things and kiwis) I also like the Golden Syrup flavour porridge (which you can get from the basics range in Tesco).

I went to my Doctor's (on an unrelated note) and whilst there mentioned that after doing this for two weeks I have not had any cystitis, whilst this doesn't conform to any scientific facts he agreed that every person is different and every person's digestive system and habits work differently so to just keep on monitoring it. He also then asked if I had weighed myself since starting, I said no through not wanting to dishearten myself yet, I was planning to weigh myself at week 6 and at the end, week 12 of my programme. To which he said well let's weigh you now, I have already lost 3 kilos in just 2 weeks! This really filled me with joy that he was encouraging me and that I had already lost weight! Now let's keep it up!

ooh and I almost forgot, this website is definitely food for thought...: and helped me with deciding on fundamental things like how quick I eat etc.

So, what do you think? Tweet me if you've stuck with your resolutions or not!!

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