Friday, 31 January 2014

The AMAZING Illamasqua Lip Set

When I went out to London last year (well, December so it really does NOT feel like last year ;)) I went to the Illamasqua store (just off Carnaby Street) I bumped into it after going into the Benefit Carnaby Street Boutique and I nearly died, the store is so beautiful, if you ever get the chance-GO!

The assistants were very helpful and looked amazing, wish I could go to work with blue brows on!
But seeing as I went in to get myself a lil' something, I got the Perfect Pout set which was £60 (if I remember correctly! :S) for 6 lipsticks, which I thought was pretty good :3

Outer Packaging

With the sleeve removed...

How Pretty is this paper!?

Inside the pamphlet...
(Please note I really turned up the brightness on this photo
so the swatches in this photo in real life are not as vibrant)

A sneak peak of the catalogue I also got.
The packaging was extremely luxurious...the paper and bag were really gorgeous too :3

An overview of the lippies...

Another view of the lippies...

Described as a "Bright Coral Pink"

Described as a "Bright Rose Pink"

Described as a "Bright Mauve Pink"

Described as a "Warm Coral Pink"

Described as a "Red Pink"

Described as a "Vivid Violet"
My Favourite shades in this set are Esp (and you can see that famous NYE look with it here: and Plunge! Plunge is the most awesome bright pink with an orchid tinge! I LOVE IT.

These lipsticks are all matte, apart from Esp which I feel has a little shimmer in it. ALL of them have outstanding colour pay off and are not overly drying, I feel like MAC's mattes are really drying, these aren't as bad as those...Though I still recommend applying lip balm before you go for these!

The only shade that is limited edition is Isis, the "Christmas" red so if you can get your hands on Esp I really would! (don't forget Debenhams online sell Illamasqua too!).

Hope you liked this post and I'll see you in the next one! x x x

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