Wednesday, 29 January 2014

So...You're NOT following me? ;)

Here's just a few of my Twitter highlights:

So I tweet a lot about my animals...Lady Gaga, funny vines...I do also tweet about Makeup and my posts (a little) XD

Here's some of my Instagram Highlights (so far, I've only been on since January/December):
I do LOVE this ring, if anyone know where it's
from orignally could you let me know?? :)

Yes, I know these are twitter posts but it was much easier to find them on twitter than my Insta (but You'll see a LOT on Insta you wouldn't see on Twitter! Like...did you know I am a huge Adventure Time fan?! :O)

Here's just a snapshot of my Facebook posts:

Aanndd Facebook tends to be the more serious posts and makeup side haha!

So, if you're not following me on these social media channels...WHY NOT!? Go Follow, Like and all the rest now! Go Tweet/Comment me your questions/requests all sorts!

And as always, Thanks for your support x x x

 Facebook Page:



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