Thursday, 20 March 2014

LOTD-Arabian Nights, smokey bronze look :3

So it seems as though Looks of the Days are all I can push out at the moment! In between training/riding Apollo and all the rest of it it's proving difficult guys! Plus Sky's Internet has left a little something to be desired recently so I do apologise and if anybody who works for Sky is reading this. DO SOMETHING PLEASE!?

Anyhoo, LOTD! Arabian Nightss...
I wore this look to go out with Ed (hadn't planned anything to do, just spur moment type thing) and I really like this look because I just kinda slapped everything on and blended till my arm hurt and I ended up looking quite pretty & Glowing :3

My Full GLOWEEYY Face :3
I look really young here!?

The Eyes.

All Products Used!

So the main product features of this look were Urban Decay Naked Original palette, Bourjois Bronzing Primer, Kat Von D Blush in Truth (I can't wait to get another with the new Sephora shipping-Huge Thanks to MissBudgetBeauty for explaining that to me in her video ;) ) and last product would be a good champageney-gold highlighter like Girl Meets Pearl by Benefit!
This look was super easy, as I said I literally whacked everything on and blended out and was quite happy with the end result :D

I have a couple of posts coming up which are a little different one showing you an overview of my beloved filofax (as I know some of you are interested!) and a Contour & Highlight guide! Which was supposed to be up earlier this month but because of Internet problems, job change and me wanting to make it super easy and simple to follow/understand.... it's taking a tad longer than I thought >.<

I love you all, Thank You so much for keeping my blog alive!! x x x

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