Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lush Cosmetics 29/12/12

Still technically December, but oh well!

So I got X2 Cream eyeshadows (£14.50e) and X1 Liquid Lipstick (£14.50e).

Firstly, "Lifted" Eyeshadow: compared with Benefit's LemonAid by the woman in the shop (much to my dismay!). Its nice and creamy but is too sheer with not enough initial pigment. Builds up well but I feel like it needs a good shake before every use and the applicator is only good to get it out of the bottle rather than to pat and blend it onto the lid. Too Expensive, but very cute bottle!
Overall: C-


Seconds! "Sophisticated" Eyeshadow: Be.A.U.Ti.Ful <3
Such a gorgeous colour! Soft, shimmery can't wait to use more of this and layer it up with soft, buttery eyeshadows like Benefit's Velvet ones etc.
Overall: B+

Lastly, "Glamorous" Liquid Lipstick: Reminds me of MAC's Nicki Minaj Lipstick for some reason :D. Creamy. Matte and HUGELY pigmented <3 much more worth the money than the eyeshadows I feel. Overall: A (but I kinda wish you got a slightly bigger bottle!)

Last few thoughts....I wouldn't mind trying the eyeliners from this collection, maybe they should release a cheek tint?? I haven't tried using the lipstick as a tint, but I wouldn't want too as it's too matte.

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