Saturday, 27 April 2013

52 Weeks of Delicious Nails 15.4.13

My Left Hand
 First week back to College after Easter Break, I wanted something soft & pretty yet well groomed and smart. I decided that muted pink and silvery glittery pink would be the way forward! XD I used Illamasqua's Jan as the Muted Pink shade (THIS STUFF STAYED ON FOR NEARLY 2 WEEKS BTW!) and the Glittery ones are Barry M's Pink Silver Glitter Nail Paint (number 337).

My Right Hand

 Below is My Gran's Nails (just cos' they're pretty!) The colour is gorgeous on her skin and is actually from one of those cheapy sets you get when you buy a makeup case. Probably something like Colour Club(?) It's unnamed and unbranded but worth the picture :')
My Gran's Right Hand

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