Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Favourites! Featuring Beauty, Horsey Apparel, Food...

So I am really, really getting into my blogging this year! I just want to share with you all my thoughts and experiences with stuff and so thought another good way would be monthly (or every other monthly :P) favourites!

So let's kick off with the Beauty stuffs!

Cargo Blush
First thing is this blush from Cargo, I got this in a set for Christmas from my mum and I LOVE this blush, it gives you a gorgeous bronzed/peachey glow and looks so natural yet divine! It also lasts a good amount of wear and tear time too-Bonus!

Cargo Eyeshadow duo
 Next up is this eyeshadow duo from Cargo and these two colours, just...ahh...the just blend so perfectly together and look so natural and pretty on my lids, I like to pop the brown on my outer lid half/through the crease and the pink as a highlight under the brow bone and on the inner corner. It's just the perfect duo for my skintone.

MAC Zoomlash in Lofty Brown

This mascara is just great. It gives your lashes amazing length, thickness-not so great curl! But curl your lashes before and you're good to go! Don't over do it on this mascara though as your lashes will clump up horribly!! The dark smokey brown colour is great and looks very smart. This mascara will last until you take it off and isn't overly difficult to take off.

Lush's Cream Shadow in Sophisticated
 These cream shadows from lush are great! They have a lovely shimmery finish and last all day with no base/primer! I particularly love to use this under my Cargo eye duo!

Swatches so far...
 Swatches above are (Top L-R): Lush Cream Shadow in Sophisticated, the Brown side and then Pink side of the Cargo eyeshadow duo. (Bottom L-R): All 4 stripes of the Cargo Blush-separately, then MAC's Zoomlash.

Illamasqua's Sheer Lipgloss in Artiface
 I forgot to pop this in the first picture/swatches etc so had to add it in :P This Lipgloss starts off as incredibly pigmented and then tones down to a more sheer finish, as the name states. I love this colour though in the picture it looks more pink, in real life it's incredibly creamy peach colour.

Illamasqua Swatch...
 And last in the Beauty category is this by Nivea...the In-Shower Body Moisturiser (for Normal skin). Now, working at the stables means I am either freezing cold with the natural weather, rained on or sat with a blow heating blowing really hot air into my face (which I know is bad but when you're THAT cold, you'll do anything >.<) and once I come home I jump straight in the shower do all normal things (you want to use your normal gel before this) and finish with slathering this all over my body. I am soooo lazy and cannot be asked to sit there after my shower dry myself and apply moisturiser and then be sticky for ages. YUCK. This is so light, doesn't feel greasy and keeps my skin so moisturised and soft <3 I LOVE it and have bought like 5 bottles whilst it's been on half price offer in boots!

Yankee Candle Scent-Fireside Treats
 I HAD to include this as I am not a big candle/scent fan but this smell....Oh My. I bought it in a tart originally and had to go back and buy the whole range!! It smells DIVINE. It smells sweet but not overly so with a hint of muskiness....oh how I adore it, if you can go have a whiff at your local retailer. I am so in love.
M&S Medjool Dates
M&S Medjool Dates
Now I am fully into my health kick I have found out some things I really love and some now so much...but these Medjool dates are so moorish, I have two when I am really craving some kind of spongy pudding. They're sweet, just ever so slightly sticky and the texture is thick and loving (in a way!).

What's in the box...?
So Hampshire Saddlery were having a sale and I got these boots for just £65 and they are LUSH I have spent like...maybe an hour (various bits of time added together that is) just staring at how gorgeous and beautiful these boots are and I cannot wait to take Apollo somewhere so I can look all smart and wear them!!

So those were my January favourites, I cannot believe how quick January has gone by and what scares me more is that February is a super short month! Did you guys like this post? If so, why not Retweet it? ;) x x x


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