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So we made it! Four, 18 year olds on their first holiday on their own, away for 1 week, Barcelona. Sun, Sea, Walking, Drinks, Food, trying to find our way, Metro, Lost. FUN! I cannot think of anyone else the holiday would've worked with apart from Annie, Andy & Ed :)

First things first, Ryanair were not half as bad as everyone makes out! One piece of hand luggage fitting into their guidelines permitted, was enough for our week! On time both there & back. Very pleased with them.

Our hotel: http://www.barcelonarooms.es/
Clean, very pretty rooms, nice communal areas, nice bathrooms (we shared and had absolutely no problems) Very Very pleased & all the staff were very pleasant and happy to help :)

Now the little tiny restaurant/bar we found to eat from: It was one block away from our hotel (opposite a very posh looking Hostel!) and was by far the best value for money place we found. We went every single day for breakfast at least! Some days we went for dinner too! (The pizza was pretty damn tasty ;)).

 Here's a pic of the Patatas Bravas we we became ADDICTED too! haha! And below that is Ed carrying our 6euro each delicious chicken & ham, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms (pretty much everything) pizzas!

Second Day headed out to the Gaudi Parks: http://www.parkguell.es/en/portada
Lots of lovely architecture to see, very crowded though :( Lots of buskers and musicians playing! I bought La Mananers CD I liked them so much! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IvihpKNAxs
Here's a pic we took of them :D I am not sure where else you could buy their album but iTunes had it on their gracenotes database so I am assuming it is available/you could download it somewhere :)

Here's a few of the places we went to eat/drink:
http://www.lavacapaca.com/ LA VACA PACA! OMG 11Euros of all you can EAT DELICIOUSNESS! <<NGL it was amazing XD Picture of Ed trying to struggle a massive spoonful :P

Origens: http://www.lallavordelsorigens.com/ we had a lovely time here! It had such a beautiful decor and the food was really, really tasty (a bit small portions for my liking but nice!)

Margarita Blue: http://www.margaritablue.com/en/ This place was so quaint! So Spanish! So Gorgeous! We had lots of very tasty cocktails and enjoyed the live music from the band! We had two rounds of Chilli Nachos and a massive bowl of Patatas Bravas. We even had a free magician come round and entertain us too! (very, very nice place :3).

The Fairytale Bar! This bar is part of the wax museum and is a fairy's wood and cave inside! with a little river/pond thing and it's so atmospheric it's lush! The drinks were by far THE most expensive of anywhere we went, but you're paying to sit in the fantastic surroundings more than anything!

7Sins: This was the bar we went too more than once! http://www.7sinsbar.com/
It's got such a GORGEOUS interior, very sexy, very comfortable. Reasonably priced tapas and nice cocktails/shots. Very very nice service and just a place we had an awful lot of fun ;)

On our third day we went to the Basilica de la sagrada Familia We didn't go inside as it was 20euros to get in! But we got a good look from the outside and walked all the way around, looking at it in great detail in the sweltering heat! It was enjoyable and a sight definitely worth seeing, we ate the most delicious peaches on the way back to the hotel too! XD

You can see how busy it was!

On our 4th day we went to this Science museum (very similar to Intech, but on a much larger scale)
And it was truly AMAZING. They have this massive indoor swamp/jungle thing in which they can make it rain and it has the most beautiful huge fish! A Crocodile and turtles and things :3 Ahh! I loved it so much I could've spent all day easily just watching the fish! Plus! It was only 4euros entry each! Very cheap!

All down La Rambla (the main strip/street with everything on it) there are loads of people dressed as statues/weird things to try and make money. This one was actually outside of the Gaudi Parks but was by far the most weird. He was not sat on anything! He was crouched like that! And kept waving at us! D:
Very impressive. Fun but if you want your picture taken with one, be careful! It'll cost ya!

The market just off of La Rambla Street:
Thousands and thousands of Chilli's and Spices all stacked and bundled on top of each other :')
A SIGHT YOU HAVE TO SEE. So much variety, sweet as anything fruit pots and smoothies to eat there and then and beautiful rows and rows of meat, fish, veg, nuts, chocolates and more all laid out in this square market!

Another fantastic place Andy found for us, was this Massive Beautiful fountain!

It was quite a way out compared to other attractions (near the zoo) but was totally worth the walk and sweltering heat to get too!

Overall, we had such a good fun holiday and I really want to thank Annie, Andy & Ed for being the nicest people to travel with. LOVE YOU GUYS! xxx

If you want to see the outfits I wore you can here: http://tinyurl.com/lbeusvp
If you want to see the makeup I took with me you can here: http://tinyurl.com/publvhp
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