Friday, 12 July 2013

Makeup Holder-ey Thing-Great for travelling to & fro' Shoots! Mini Post :) x

I love the shop "The Works" almost as much as I love ice cream (which is a lot. No joke.) and I can almost always find over £10s worth of stuff I wanna buy in there! So I always limit myself to a tenner so I don't go crazy. Last time I was in there, probably 3 weeks ago now, I bought a few plain eye masks to decorate...well, you never know when you'll get invited to a masked ball (MAJOR HINT TO ALL MY FRIENDS THERE :P). I also picked up some books for my band mates' Birthdays and then found this:
Make & Create Bag

It's meant for crafts/crafting stuff and that's the bit I found it in, of course the reason I spotted it was because a pink one caught my eye ;) But, I thought that black was more professional looking :P

It was £3.99 And I LOVE IT! You can just fit EVERYTHING in it!

Front View
Reverse View
Top View

Top View, again

Everything inside the bag, you can create more than a few thousand looks with all this!

 Above is everything I had in the bag but I must add that not all the outside pockets were filled and there was still tonnes of room left! I am so impressed with this nifty lil' thing!
Everything from outside pockets inside main bag

If you're a make up artist/someone who needs a bag to pop a lot of stuff in/any single human being I recommend you go get this as it's just so useful! XD

Tweet me if you're gonna go and get this! @JanBeautyful -I'd love to hear what you think of it/if you got it-did you succumb to the pink? :P xxx

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