Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes...OMG!? WHY! XD mini post on Storage :3

So, I Love Benefit, MAC, Illamasqua and other high end brands, but I also love Sleek, Fashionista, MUA & other drugstore brands. What do all of these brands have in common?? They ALL have adorable packaging/boxes they come in! And! I can't/don't have the heart to get rid of these gorgeous boxes!!!

All of my Benefit ones (except duplicates) are on my shelf in my office as the shelf was bare and they're too pretty to store away! Here's what it looks like (you have to use your imagination to piece all the bits together :P)...
Right Third
Middle Third
Left Third
 Then I have a big shelving unit my Dad made me that I store loads of boxes on (the very very top also has books and stuff on it but going down all the way to the bottom has extremely large boxes stacked up from the floor). Here's a couple of the top shelves:

As you can see, I have a strange filing system of books, shoe boxes, mini boxes, photograph albums, Decorated random sized boxes (all decorated by moi, of course!), a leopard print mini drawer system, a soap and glory tin and an office drawer set. I like this system, although in the picture it looks really messy and disorganised, in real life it's perfect and really does not look so messy :/ haha!

Anyhoo, some of these boxes in my shelving system, are only filled with other mini product boxes. Like, I said, I just don't have the heart to throw away such gorgeous packaging!!
My Secret Boxes filled with product packaging...shhh!

A Cute Benefit Box I was given for my Birthday is filled with Benefit Only Packaging! :P

A Mini Box I got in a set from Wilkinsons (for like £3) is filled with mostly MAC boxes
A bit more inside the box...

My Massive Lancome Box (received as part of perfume set for Birthday) is filled with all sorts and the Perfume boxes
inside it are filled with stuff again!

This DKNY pink perfume box, closest, houses all of my MAC blush/beauty powder boxes!
Of course, you must be wondering why I am going a bit hush hush and shh! This is because, Ed doesn't know I keep any other boxes than the ones on my shelf (again, some of those larger ones on the shelf are also filled with smaller boxes too!) And I think if he saw he'd work out how much I have and probably never speak to me again! :P (Makeup is really NOT Ed's forte you see >.<)

Now, some of you must be thinking-WHY ON EARTH DOES SHE KEEP ALL THAT! Here's Why:
1) You never know when a label might rub off or disappear from a product and/or you may forget the name and that's when this comes in handy, you can just look it up again! So it's kind of like a record keeping system...kinda...
2) If I no longer like the product/use it/just want to sell it on, you get much more money for it (and it helps with proving authenticity) when you sell it on sites like eBay (though with eBay regulations/conditions you can only sell unused cosmetics) and Gumtree etc.
3) It's just SOOOO PRETTTY!!!
4) If I move house and get a display cabinet, what else am I going to put in there? (aside from Horsey rosettes-which, I can't lie-they're aren't many... >.<) Don't get me wrong though-if they're all screwed up n' chewed up, looking worse for wear, I'll bin 'em.

So there we go! A little secret into my life :P Do you keep all your old cosmetic boxes? Tweet me to let me know! @JanBeautyful I'd love to know I am not the only one!!

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