Saturday, 29 June 2013

June Faves, featuring Sleek, Bourjois & More!

Most are newbies which is exciting! :D

First up: Bourjois Bronzing Primer. I bought this on a whim in Boots with my points as it looked so pretty and I didn't fancy the BB Cream thing they also had. So, at only £4.99 I decided to pick it up. WOW I AM SO PLEASED I DID. I LOVE this. It's so fantastic at contouring, making your face all bronzey and is so easy to blend out to a very natural tan. If you accidentally take too much it can be easily blended back down to a really natural looking bronze. It's so gorgeous, I am so madly in love with it. It says it has an addictive scent (of coconuts) but I wouldn't agree with that-It's pleasant but not addictive (like a MAC lippie for example :P). You can easily use it with your fingers or Real Techniques' Countour Brush (S'up to you :)). This product is making me seriously consider buying all the other stuff in the range too :')

Bourjois Bronzing Primer <3
Next: Bourjois Max Volume Glamour Blue Mini Mascara. They released a few colours (blue, green, blue & purple) and Boots only had one blue one left when I got there! and I so wish they had all of the others as the blue is so gorgeously pigmented. PLUS It's a truly fantastic mascara-fanning out my lashes, giving them a great length :') Wow I love it ever so :D I just wish it was more sunny so I didn't look as strange but they do brighten up my eyes (even with black liquid liner) :).

Sleek Pout Paint: Lolipop-from the Candy Collection. I have never actually tried a sleek pout paint, so when they had this and the blush by 3 from the collection (but no palettes in stock D:!!!) I thought well, no palette, might as well get the lip paint. Firstly. This is the most fantastic pigment I have ever had out of a lip product. It was beautifully opaque and lasts ageeesss! It doesn't dry out the lips and does have an almost gloss finish to it (but this maybe because it is so thick).

Sleek's Lolipop Pout Paint on my lips & all 3 of the blush by
3 Candy Colours on my cheeks :') also wearing Sleek's Primer Palette
colours in Pink Frost on my eyes with a thick gel liner from collection
 Sleek Primer Palette: Really nice soft, shimmerey colours that can be built into quite a colour block. They do crease without use of a good base/shadow on top so I quite like to use a neutral color tatoo or paint pot just lightly blended out over my lid as a base. The consistency is nice though & they are very true to the colour they are in the pot (the swatches didn't come out very strongly as I didn't really pick up much product-but this shows they can be blended out nicely).
Primer Palette Swatches

Primer Palette
Eyelash Curler (Tweezerman for Benefit): I don't know why I EVER STOPPED curling my eyelashes!? WHY? Why did I stop?? I picked up my curlers the other day to help create one of my Vogue Advert looks (post coming soon) and I suddenly remembered how fantastic the results were! Just one small little crimp of these on my lashes and I have beautifully long, featherey, sexy lashes that I would normally take 3 coats of they're real! (Benefit's latest & best ever mascara). This made me try it with my new fave Bourjois Blue Macara and I was so shocked how huge they were! Very, very impressed :')

ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in the shade Spotlight: I bragged and bragged about how much I loved this in my Elf Haul Post ( I really don't know what else to say....? I am going to buy all the other shades!? I think that's a good testament.

MUA Matte Perfect Primer: I said that this was a new Benefit Porefessional dupe. I meant it. I LOVE this ever so :') I use it almost everyday now. See my MUA Haul post here:

 Did you have any similar June Favourites? Anything here that makes you think I might actually go out and buy that now? Let me know! xxx

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