Saturday, 21 September 2013

LOOK Beauty Haul!

LOOK Beauty is a cosmetic brand launched by LOOK magazine (UK based but I do think they ship internationally, if you're interested) and as you are aware I find LOOK's makeup a bit hit & miss. I LOVE the Flirty Flick Eyeliner (it's my Holy Grail. Yes. I did just say that.) and I love the 3 Mono Eyeshadows I own but I really disliked the foundation. So, When I saw they had a little half price, offer on sale type thing (Which I did post a link too on my Facebook page so make sure to click the like button in my sidebar to keep updated! >>) I had to grab a few more bits to try!

So let's start off with the mono shadows: I got the colours Gilet, Jewel & Couture.
The Shadows in their cute see through packaging :)
Gilet isn't as strong as I would like but in a way that's good as it makes for a nice crease blending colour, Couture is a nice purple but not as Bright as I would've liked it to be... :/
Jewel is a nice bright colour that can build well. All of these colours are matte and I am quite fond of them. I actually used all 3 of these shadows in my 80s Inspired LOTD (you can see here: I used Jewel as the base eye colour, Couture as the under liner and Gilet through the crease :)
Overall for £2 each they're not bad, would I pay the regular £4? I think if I had I may have been a tad disappointed :/ Overall: C+

My 80s Inspired LOTD back in August :)
Next up I bought 3 mini makeover palettes, Baby Blue Eyes, Rock Chick and Brown Eyed Girl.

Let's start with Brown Eyed Girl (BEG):
This was the first palette I added to my basket, it's cute and comes with 8 shadows, 4 lip colours and a blush. I was so disappointed with the shadows!! They were so lacking in pigment it was awful (you can see in the pic below) The Blush is a nice colour but the shadows, blush and lip colours don't work well together :/ the lip colour I enhanced by adding a clear gloss over the top but all the other colours weren't pigmented at all. I was so highly upset with this palette :( Overall: E-
My look with BEG palette
BEG Palette

Next palette was the Rock Chick!
I tried this palette and pretty much liked it straight away! The colours match and blend well, the blush is great! the lip colours are still lacking a little... but they're better than the BEG palette. I actually used this palette to get my Neutral day smokey blue eye LOTD (which you can see here: The shadows in this are of a much better quality, though, and I really am enjoying it :). Overall: B+
Ma blue smokey eyes :')
the RC Palette!
One of the...ok...lip colours.

Now for my last mini makeover palette (and perhaps my favourite XD) the Baby Blue Eyes (BBE)!
This palette. Just wow. Shimmering sexy nudes and neutrals that blend and melt into eye sockets, the blush is a beautiful peach that is to DIE for and the lip colours are...still lacking but a tad more pigmented than the others :) Overall: A :D
How Pwetty is dis face? :3

Another cute-sey look :)
 Next up, LIPS:
I am sure you lot know I love MUA's lip booms, y'know the ones where you have a lipstick one end and a gloss the other end? Well these Double Hit Lips from LOOK are AMAZING. They're so pigmented, come in gorgeous colours and LAST. I don't know how else I can tell you that I am literally on the floor begging LOOK to never stop making these! Berry Blast really makes me think of Lime Crime's Airbourne Unicorn and similarly Pink Punch to Lime Crime's Contessa Fluorescent :D Overall: A* -If  there's one thing you buy from this haul, these should be it.

Berry Blast

Pink Punch & Berry Blast swatches (Lipgloss on top)

Berry Blast on Ma Lips :*

Pink Punch :)

Last but certainly not least the Pro Palette:
This "Palette" or Box as I prefer to call it, is a Box that comes with 3 little strips of shadows, blush and 2 lip colours and also a little carry case for one of them, so you can take it with you wherever you go! I do like this palette, the shadows are of a nice quality but they're very small!! The blushers are very, very nice and the lip products are much better quality to those in the Mini Palettes. Although I hate how big and bulky the main outer packaging box is! Considering the trays are really slim, this box is massive. :/ I do like that each little tray has a designated theme with it though like the third one is a 60s trend :) Overall: Cannot fault the actual product, A :)

The Box and mini Palettes inside with carry case/box on the right :)

So that was my LOOK haul! I hope you've enjoyed it, it was a very long time coming with this one, so I am sorry for that! But you know what I am like, I like to give you all a GOOD amount to read and really review it, not just try it once, I try everything at least twice to really give my opinion :) x x x

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