Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Rockin' it up with Rockateur at the Benefit John Lewis Eye Masterclass event! Plus Benefit Themed LOTD!

I am sure you all saw the tweets and read the facebook posts and therefore know that I got to go, to a very exciting Benefit Cosmetics eye masterclass event in John Lewis, Southampton. I have never been to an event that happens as a "Class" that takes place in another room! So I was very, VERY excited (and a little nervous) about what was in store!
 First things first we were taken down all the little windy corridors (kinda like a treasure hunt!) to a room that had Rock of Ages playing! ANYWAY YOU WANT IT! (ya'll know I love my rock music, so that was kinda cool :P) and then I noticed all the little tables filled with Benefit products and brushes for us to use and try out! Eeekkk! Then I spotted the champagne and cupcakes that were also available! (very cute touch :3) After a little introduction of all the benebabes and their favourite product (none of them said high beam! boo! XD) we set off with prepping the eye...
All the cute products to try out! <3
 Now this was the first lil' tip I learnt, after applying your eye cream (Benefit's It's Potent is actually the one I use on a day to day basis anyway) and your primer (Also, Stay Don't Stray is a favourite of mine!), ooh! And you should always use your ring finger because it's the weakest finger so it won't damage your eye area at all :). So, what I learnt was the term "BAC" in which B stands for Base, for your base eyeshadow colour-pick something light that you can blend all the way to the brow if you want a lil' highlighting up there! A stands for Accent, a lighter or more dazzling shade you can pat just on the very centre of your eye to really make it POP and open up XD. And C stands for C (or, I guess I'd say contour to the already beauty knowledgeable person :P) which is the shape you make with your darkest shadow to make your smokey eye.

A Lil' Tip I HAD to write down!
Here's the next lil' tip Jess taught me-and I nearly like died when she told me this as it's so easy and makes SUCH a difference! So, basically you know when you line your upper lash line with some kohl or black pencil liner and you drag it out at the end a bit too much and it's pointing downwards and making you look all sad :'( ? haha! Well, take a clean foundation brush (quickly, mind!) and just pull it diagonally up, it'll help drag and smooth the pencil upwards and clean it all up a treat :3
^^seriously, I got so excited when she told me this >.<

Now for the brows, (for this you will need BrowZings and either a pencil of makeup brush handle)

So first off, straight up from your nose! Through the corner of your eye, gives you the edge to your brow.

Next up, from your nose, to through your pupil, up through your brow is where your arch should start. So, as you can see I need mine to come in a bit more, at the moment it's a little too far out :)

And, lastly, from your nose through the outer corner. This is where your brow should end. Again, as you can see mine is too long!! I am going to have to go to a Benebar to get them sorted at least before Christmas!!

ooh! And I nearly forgot highlight (High Brow or High Brow Glow are Perfect for this) simply draw an arrow head with the point just fitting into your arch for an instant face lift!

So, yeah, those are the tips for WOW brows!
Next up came our face and base products:
And I got picked to have my moisturiser and primer put on! woo!
There I am... >.<
As I have oily skin I had the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion and Porefessional applied :).
If you have normal/dry skin you could use Benefit's Total Moisture moisturiser and That Gal Primer :)
After that we then applied some of the new Stay Flawless Primer (which claims to hold makeup for 15 hours...let me tell you-IT DOES!) and then a buffing of Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation.

To finish the perfect base, a quick dusting of Hello Flawless Powder (in the same shade as your foundation, handily ;)) I am champagne, just for reference.

Now it was FINALLY time to try Rockateur, BUT first! A quick pop up highlight with Watts Up! My FAVOURITE Benefit highlighter XD. After a slick of highlight; ROCKATEUR!
This blush is so beautiful, on me it came out more pink and pow! Whereas on my mum it came out more natural (it was like it knew exactly what to do!)

So here's what I looked like once it was all done:
My Complete Face :)
Overall, I had such a fun nice time, as did my mum so we'd like to say a HUGE Thank you to all the Benegals for their knowledge, jokes and kindness :3

So now onto what I bought!
All Products I bought! :3
All Products out of their outer packaging :)

I bought:
Eyenessa's Most Glamorous Nudes eye kit -£23.50
Stay Flawless 15 hour Primer -£24.50
An Extra Special DOUBLE Sized Porefessional for only-£29.50!
Lipstick (Dare Me)-£15
Magic Ink Liquid Liner -£15
Rockateur -£23.50
BrowZings (Dark) -£23.50
Fakeup (02) -£18.50
I then had my £10 deposit redeemed and then because I spent over a certain amount got an old style Lipgloss free (in Back to the Fuchsia, which is good as mine has just run out!) and then because I spent over another amount I got a free Get Even Face Powder (in 03 as I thought I could use it to lightly contour) and then I got this cute-sey Benefit Lingerie Bag free! It kinda reminds me of the FineOneOne packaging :3

So if you ever get the chance to go to a Benefit event I highly recommend it-especially as you get your deposit back!

Now onto the LOTD part of this post!
So after going to this event the very next day I obvs wanted to try everything all out again, but found myself delving into some old Beneproducts I used to use all the time and then started thinking, jeez why did I stop using this!?

Here's my look then:
Ma Full Bene-Face :)

Ma Smokey Grey Eyes... 0.o
So yes, new I used: Stay Flawless primer (which WOW you have to work your foundation quickly into it but it is NOT going anywhere!) and Rockateur Blush :3 (which is so pwetty and smells beautifully of roses :') -but not in an old lady kinda way :P). Fakeup also (it's so creamy and easy to blend and works well on blemishes too!)

Stuff I already had, I used: Erase Paste (still one of my favourite concealers!), Playstick (which I am not too sure they still sell but I really hope they do as I love mine :')), High brow Glow (such a pretty gold shimmer highlight XD), They're Real mascara (which is Benefit's BEST SELLING product and really is amazing.), Smokin' Eyes kit, which I had almost completely forgotten about and WHY!? As it really worked well on top of Stay Don't Stray XD. To finish I just dusted some Hello Flawless Powder & slicked on some "My Treat" old-style silky finish lipstick :D

Products I used to create this look :D

And that's the end of my MASSIVE Benefit Post! I hope you gals liked it, please let me know! AND once again I am sorry for being away for so long whilst my PC was ill :(
I am back now! and regular posting shall resume ;) Love you all! x x x

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