Sunday, 1 September 2013

Yup, that time of year again...Jasmine Dress Up! :P

So my friend Jess is FINALLY turning 18. I cannot tell you how long it feels...
and so, her and her cutey Boyfriend are having a sickening-ly sweet themed joint party of Disney, Cartoon etc etc. Hence, I've decided I am going as Jasmine and got it, Aladdin.

However, the outfit it would seem is proving very difficult on my budget :/ I have some trousers (harem type pants) but when you don't want to bare your mid-rift the whole just buy a turquoise bra thing doesn't work :S

This is just the makeup, I am sorry I haven't got a full outfit yet but DO NOT WORRY I am going to John Lewis, Southampton on Thursday for a Benefit Event and while I am there I shall head to Primark and pick some stuff up! :)

So, lets dive into my makeup design and products I am thinking of using!


Predicted Products

For my eyes I have chosen Maybelline's color tattoo in "On and On Bronze" as this is a really pretty neutral that looks multitonal on the skin. I have chosen Benefit's Sun Beam and High Brow Glow as my Cheek and Brow Highlighters as-Benefit make THE BEST highlighters :') they won't move but they'll stay glow-ey :P. I've chosen the Sephora mascara which I know a lot of you UK buddies will get annoyed with but this my runniest formula mascara and I think that's perfect for merging with false lashes. Nars' Laguna is a MUST here as Jasmine is all beautifully bronzed :') and you'll have to wait and see what the Paris Hilton lashes look like on! :P
 So as you can see, I have chosen real neutral, glow-ey type products and finishes :) Also, have you noticed that this is the first drawing I have created actually using the makeup products?? What do you think!? haha >.<

One thing I have got to wear...some rings! :P
Potential Jasmine Rings....

I think I like the pretty jeweled Bird one best but the pale blue oval one in front of it, is very in keeping with Jasmine's colours and styles so, we'll have to wait and see :P

Similarly, I have some hair slides to choose from :)

My Hair Slides :)

Again, I really like the dove bird but the round blue stone is really in keeping with the look, so we shall have to see what I feel like on the day! :P

Keep an eye out for my FULL post on what I wore and where I bought it, it'll be coming up this Sunday with a bit of luck as the Party's Saturday!

Love you all and stay tuned for my Benefit post-so much exciting stuff this month!  x x x

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