Monday, 16 September 2013

52WODN 16.9.13 September's Colder than I remembered...? :/

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of posts in the last 2 weeks, if you follow my Facebook page or Twitter you would've seen that my PC contracted a virus and therefore was in danger of deleting all my files and unfortunately I cannot compose posts on my tablet as the Blogger app (sorry for saying this blogger) is not very good at all and I cannot add pictures in correctly.

Anyways, here I am BACK! Starting a-fresh with a normal 52WODN post, Tomorrow my Benefit event post will FINALLY be up (there will be a usual LOTD post mixed into it :)) and then my Jasmine Princess look and a couple of others that are overdue will be following up on their usual days (just 2 weeks late :/)

 So today's 52WODN is inspired by the sudden turn of cold that September has brought to us this year, I am kind of dreading the actual winter as at work yesterday I was freezing!! Anyhoo, So with the cold I wanted a dark colour but still with a bit of pizazz! (is that a word...?) So I decided to go with my Sally Hansen Nail Polish in 670 "Midnight in NY" and over the top of that my 2true Glitterati nail polish in shade 1.
My Polishes used :)

My Left Hand :)
My Left Hand-trying to show you all the sparkles XD
MY Right Hand :D

I think here the Blue glitter kinda represents the Ice-ey cold and the black the evenings drawing in quicker... :') This week Right Thumb has to win ;)

So once again thank you so much for your patience with me while my computer was down I really appreciate it and will make it worth your while with fabulous posts coming up!

Love you all!

x x x

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