Monday, 23 September 2013

52WODN 23.9.13 Thorpe Park inspired Candy Canes!

So I went to Thorpe Park earlier today! I actually didn't have that great-a-day as I was quite sicky :( boo! BUT the sweet smell of candied sugar wouldn't leave me all day so I had to come home and make my nails some way inspired by that >.<

Purple Candy Canes!!

I had already chosen these two colours to work with last night, I just wasn't sure how I was going to use them then so left it to today-and I am glad I did! The colours I used were NYC's Lavender Cupcake as the base and my Primark Nail Paint Art Pen in this deep purpley colour :)

My Left Hand XD
My Right Hand...>.<

So this week, once again, Left Thumb wins! >.<
Hope you guys are still enjoying the 52weeks of delicious nails posts each Monday and TWEET ME if you want me to continue through into 2014.
Have you been to Thorpe Park recently? Or anywhere similar?

Love you guys!
x x x

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