Saturday, 28 September 2013

Jess' 18th & Jake's 21st, Mickey, Minnie & Princess Jasmine ;) My Full Outfit and Makeup etc :) x x x

So as you know I went as Jasmine to Jack & Jess' Fancy Dress Party! (There's a hell of a lot of J's there!) and firstly I must apologise to the both of them as I stayed for maybe...2 minutes!? If you follow me on Twitter you would've seen that I was up at around 4am that morning for the Alesford Country Show for work and so I was absolutely shattered!!! It was such a shame as I had made such an effort, as had they and I felt really bad but I did Dress Up! And I did go!! So it counts to do a post :P x

Full Outfit
Right now, as I am sure some of you can remember from the Predicted post I actually had NOTHING to wear!? D: aha, but I went out the very next day after that post and found this Gorgeous Jumpsuit in TK Maxx (modbox bit) for only £14.99! And considering it's such a beautiful colour and style, knowing me, I'll probs wear it anyways! So I went with it and this is what it ended up looking like!
My shoes are just some old-ey sandals I had from Peacocks agees ago :)You can see I went with the big round ring and I just tied my hair up in intervals down my pony tail :)

Products Used :)

The Beautiful Paris Hilton Hollywood Lashes :') x

So for my eyes I used Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette, shades I used were Half Baked, Chopper & a little smudgin' of Snakebite and Busted (one dip into either shadow and into crease).
I then used my GOSH Eyebrow Pencil to groom them a little but I wanted them to be a little more natural as I already have quite big brows :). I then drew a really, really long line with my LOOK beauty Flirty Flick liquid eyeliner-my Fave liner :') and added my gorgeous Paris Hilton Hollywood Lashes. I also lined my lower lashline and waterline with NYC's Kohl pencil in white.
Then I drew a line under my brows with Benefit's High Brow Glow, and adorned my cheekbones with a dabbing of SunBeam-I really wanted a true Bronzed up-Arab-Princess-Glowey look...Aha >.<
After that I slicked on some Estee Lauder's Blushing Lipstick, this is THE perfect Jasmine Neutral/pinky colour. After all this I then buffed and buffed and buffed a LOT of Nars' Laguna Powder in my contour regions and then dusted Benefit's One Hot Minute Powder all over my face (almost as though it was a setting powder).
My full cute, bronzed up Jasmine Face :') x
You can also see my Jewellery here, the Heart on top of my head is actually a necklace I just pinned up!
Remember to use stuff you already have! The earrings and necklace I had from my Prom :)

This look was really, really fun to do and I also think quite simple and easy! It made me feel very pretty and I may do this again for a dress-up party :D I want to say a HUGE thank you to Jess for inviting me and apologise once again for not staying (Horse Shows are NOT an easy thing to do :P) and to say I wish her and Jake a long time of Happiness as they do look ever so cute together as Micky & Minnie :3.

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you liked this look :) x x x

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