Monday, 2 September 2013

52WODN Last Installment of 3WeekFruitFest.....PINEAPPLES XD

XD <this kinda looks like a pineapple, no? haha, well it's the last week in my 3week Fruit fest!
And I cannot lie I have really enjoyed making it! Next time I pick a theme to run with I may do 4 or 5 weeks as once I had finished this last one I came up with so many other ideas! :P

Ahh well, to get this Pineapple inspired look all you need is a Steady Hand and Barry M's Textured Nail Paint in Station Rd, Model's Own Lemon Meringue Nail Polish, Claire's Accessories Glitter layer in Orange and a Orange Nail Art Pen :)

Polishes I used... :)

Here's what it looks like!...
My Left Hand :)

My Left Thumb :P

My Right Hand-Please excuse the Tippex from work... :O

My Right Thumb!

So, I think this week my Left Hand and Thumb win...sorry Right Hand! >.<

See you guys next week, I am not sure what the theme will be yet so why not Tweet me some ideas!? x x

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