Monday, 24 February 2014

Apivita Apricot Scrub from M&S Review

I got these little sachets from Marks and Spencers the other day, it's of the Apivita Apricot Scrub.
I originally picked up the big tube but as that was £13 and these two sachets were £3.50 or something like that and that seemed a bit more budget friendly at the time and then I could give it a try before (if I liked it) I would purchase the whole bigger tube.

My first thoughts were that it smells absolutely divine, all apricot-ey jam like :3 and looked so good in the tube! (Sorry I didn't get a picture of the formula, it was difficult when it was in the sachets)

I used it in the shower (as I do with all my facial exfoliators) and the first thing I noticed was that the smell faded very fast into a more plastic fake smell-Which, didn't bother me a huge amount but was a tad disappointing. I found it was very gentle on my skin-as it says on the tube!

I didn't notice anything immediately, like that my skin straight after my shower felt baby smooth or whatever...but that night putting my moisturiser on, my skin must've really enjoyed and absorbed the goodness from all the products as the next morning. WOW. My skin felt so soft and healthy! And that was after one use!

I tried it again a couple days later just to check it wasn't a fluke and it wasn't. I LOVE this exfoliator, I wouldn't say it made my spots/breakouts better or worse but it did make my actual skin feel healthier and happier.

I haven't gotten round to buying the full size yet but I definitely will be! (or as I've got quite a lot to try out at the moment, maybe I'll chuck it on my Birthday wish list ;) ).

Have you guys tried anything from M&S? I sometimes find myself thinking there stuff is so overpriced...
You can get this scrub in larger M&S stores or online here:

Thanks for baring with me whilst I settle into my new job, guys! Speak to you soon x x x

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