Thursday, 27 February 2014

H&M Lip Tints Review

 H&M have started coming out with some really great cosmetics products recently and I instantly thought of the whole OCC lip tars with these, I was so excited that on my first outing I bought all three of these! (I have seen other colours in other branches but online isn't very good... -.-)

In their little plastic boxes >.<
Another view of the tubes.

Initial swatches (no filters on pic).

I firstly tried on Hot Pink (who could resist this colour!?) and I love how opaque this shade is. It's a nice bright blue pink meaning your teeth also look whiter :) *Bonus!
Hot Pink.
Next up I had to try the red! But I was a tad disappointed that this wasn't as pigmented! It's still a lovely deep red shade but it just needs a little build up in comparison to the pink.
Deep Red.
And lastly is Mandarin, similar to Deep Red in consistency and pigmentation but not as glossy. I do love this pastel-ey orange colour and think it's a very flattering shade on warmer tones :).
The Pros:

  • Non drying! They aren't balmy but they do feel like a light lipstick on your lips, they DO NOT dry out your lips at all and that's nice :)
  • Nice shade range
  • They have a nice glossy finish
  • Nice texture on the lips, not heavy feeling at all
  • Last well throughout day, didn't stain lips but lasted well :)
  • Didn't bleed off of my lips
  • Wasn't so sticky my hair stuck to it! (isn't that THE most annoying thing!? When you're wearing gloss, you look all sexy and your hair flies over and sticks to it. Then it decides to drag it across your face all attractively too D: These don't do that!)
  • You can mix shades together
  • Huge amount in tubes, you only need a small amount of the product so these will last you a little while!
The Cons:
  • Not easy to apply if you don't have a lip brush! If you do not have a lip/small brush, you will really suffer with these products!
  • Consistency of pigmentation is not great between shades, some are stronger and better than others-having said that, they're all nicely pigmented it's just some (like hot pink!) are just insanely pigmented!
So as you can see, I quite like these >.< (slight understatement!) I think they are so worth the cost! They're something like £2.99??

But as I said I've seen different branches stock different colours also :)
I really do think you guys should go pick these up, I'll be keeping my eye out for other shades I can find! 
x x x

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