Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentine's Looks Part 1 Day to Night -Drugstore!

Hey guysss so I always show you my makeup after the event. After Christmas, after New Year and although I know you find it interesting to see what I did actually wear on my face, I thought you might like to see my ideas for Valentine's Day! (Baring in mind Ed & I are in our 5th year now and we....don't really do Valentine's...not because we don't love each other or not because we think we love each other too much to care about one stupid shop bought day...because, we see each other on a regular basis and Valentine's usually happens to fall on one of those days and if not..we'll make an effort to see each other. It's that simple, we just spend the evening together, one of us will cook a meal but we don't do anything really fancy.)

Anyways, onto my makeup ideas. This is Part 1-Drugstore, Part 2 is going to be a High end version.

My looks go from Day to Night so if you're spending the day together then going out at night you can change your looks accordingly or, if you're just doing one or the other you can pick whichever you like best.

I've decided to go for more Pinkey looks for my first day look:

My Full Face-I can only apologise for my bored look
this was the only picture that actually as acceptable.
 This look is very pink pastel, soft and shimmery to look natural but cute and I really am sorry my face looks so dire in this photo haha! Note that the brows are groomed and not filled in as to make this face really natural looking.
Ma Sweettt Eyes
All Products Used.

So the standout products are shown above, Revlon Lip butter in Cotton Candy, Chit Chat highlighter (which is supposed to be a dupe of Benefit's High Beam but...mehh), Maybelline the Rocket Volume Mascara (used ever so lightly just to create natural curly lashes), Sleek Oh So Special Palette's colours: Pamper, Gateau and a little touch of Organza, with Bow under the brow bone and the shade Bon Bon from the Candy Palette. Sleek's blush in Squash (the centre pan from the Blush by 3 in Pumpkin).

And for the Night look....
My Full Face-a bit happier ;)

My Eyes

Products Used.
So this is a more deep, smokey pink with a purple tinge (I could've gone even more smokey with more black in the outer corners but I didn't want to make it dragish or too full on). The stand out products shown above are MORE COATS of the Maybelline Rocket Volume, Sleek Vintage Romance Palette (colours used were; Honeymoon in Hollywood, Propose in Prague, Forever in Florence). Rimmel Apocolips lip lacquer in Celestial, L'Oreal Super Liner, Gosh eyebrow pencil (greybrown is my shade if you were wondering) and Sleek's blush in Cupcake from the blush by 3 from the Candy Collection.

Worth noting in the second look is that I simply built upon what was already there from the first look so you can just whack stuff on top after your day out! :3

I hope you liked this part 1, keep an eye out for Part 2-The High End Valentine Looks tomorrow! Much Love! x x x 

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