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E.L.F. Haul August 2013!

Well, Elf had a 60% off code, which I did link on my fb page (Like it to get regular codes and sale notices from me-Button in the sidebar :) ) and I could not resist. After my last haul which you can see here: I really wanted to try more of their eyeshadows as the pigments had impressed me a lot.

So here's what I got!

All the Products in my haul :)
Matte Eyeshadows in Charcoal & Mint

Let's start with the very first thing I tried, the Matte pigment style Eyeshadows in Mint & Charcoal.
I wore them as a smokey eye and cannot lie....I am so in love with these I am going to buy any other colours there are as soon as I get another money off code (and get paid...haha!)! These were super easy to blend, lasted aggeeess, were smooth, nicely pigmented. The only thing, as with all pigment-ey type products is the application isn't always easiest as you get fall out and you can easily tip the product everywhere (that may have occured with the black one all over a friends' mum, oopsss! :S) but if you're very, very careful and have a makeup wipe at the ready for just in case moments, you'll be fine :) Like in my last haul with the studio eyeshadows, I took out the sifter from the top. Overall: A++
Mint in middle/Lid section & inner corner, Charcoal as
wings, crease and along lower lashline

Studio Pigment in Innocent Ivory
 Carrying on with eyes, Studio Pigment in "Innocent Ivory": As you may have read I did quite like these from my last haul, but this colour. WOW. I do not know where to start with it, well...It's not White! Let's start with that! It's a really pretty Iridescent Pink! I almost screamed with delight when I swatched it upon's soooo super pretty! I feel all fairy like and cute when I wear it XD AND it works really well on it's own or atop a darker colour as a shimmer adder :D

Innocent Ivory and nothing else on the lids :)
Cream Eyeliner in Punk Purple
Now moving onto the cream eyeliner in "Punk Purple": This wasn't AS pigmented as I had hoped, seeing the product in the jar...but it is a little bit buildable and is a very pretty colour. That aside-it has AMAZING staying power, I had to really scrub to get it off at the end of the day! It lasts until you take it off with no smudging or moving around and is most definitely waterproof. I am very impressed with this. Overall: A- (minus for the pigment issue...)

Single Eyeshadows Pebble on the left & Amethyst on the right...
Some, single eyeshadows...shall we? I bought the colours "Pebble" & "Amethyst": Upon first swatch these were so dissapointing...but Pebble is a really wearable soft, taupe colour (making me think now, do I need to buy Nars' Alhasa Shadow?) and I think it blended really easily into my's not as buildable as I'd like but that is due to the colour of the product rather than the actual product itself. Amethyst is a similar story really but I prefer the colour :) Overall: C...mehh, they're nothing overly special.
Innocent Ivory on centre then Pebble blended out through crease
Amethyst Swept across my lids...

Glitter Eyeshadow in Night Owl
Last eye product-the Glitter Eyeshadow in "Night Owl": I bought this because I tried Urban Decay's Glitter Shadow in the shade "" and I thought this could be a good dupe for that...It is not. I don't know why they've marketed this as a glitter eyeshadow there is not NEARLY enough glitter on my lids for my liking, the actual eyeshadow has pigmentation, the grey is very strong but there is minimal glitter. Not hugely impressed but the shadow is of very good quality. Overall: C.
Night Owl on top of Amethyst...

Swatches of (L-R) Pebble, Amethyst, Night Owl & Punk Purple Liner.

Shimmering Facial whip in Lilac Petal
Next up lets talk about the Shimmering Facial Whip in "Lilac Petal":
As I am sure you're aware, I LOVED the first colour I bought "Spotlight"...this is no exception though I probably wouldn't of named it Lilac Petal, in person it looks more pink but on camera it does look lilac so I guess that makes it ok but aside from that I LOVE this too! Lasts a good amount of time doesn't make me look greasy, stays well, nicely pigmented....can be difficult to blend so work with little and build :) Overall: A
Before & After Lilac Petal Shimmering Facial Whip

Maximum Coverage Concealers in Porcelain & Sand
Now, last but certainly not least-The Product I spent literally Months trying to get my hands on!-The maximum coverage concealer. I bought the shades "Porcelain" & "Sand". These concealers do exactly what they say they should: They're blendable, wearable, customisable coverage and they're very highliy pigmented meaning you only need the smallest dot to cover stuff! They do last very well throughout the day too. If you can get these, definitely do-I think they're an acne sufferer must have. Overall: A+
Before & After Porcelain around my eyes

Before & After Sand on my cheek's spots

Before & After Sand on spot on chin
Swatches (L-R) Sand, Porcelain (Concealers), Lilac Petal Shimmering Facial Whip.
I would say this has been a good haul all in all! :P As I said I do always post discounts/baragains on my facebook page so if you haven't liked it yet...Why not? haha! You can click the link in my sidebar just up there>>>

I am sorry it takes me aggeess to write these reviews/hauls but I like to go into detail and really try the products before telling you about them so you can make an informed decision :3

Have you got any new elf products, did you try the new baked palettes?? Let me know as I missed out on them due to lack of funds! x x x

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