Wednesday, 21 August 2013

20.8.13 LOTD, Dallas Bronzed whilst saying Goodbye...

Everyone knows what its like to lose a loved one, everyone knows how hard it is to say goodbye but those who do not get the chance often feel worse for not getting the chance. I can honestly say that any kind of pet can touch your life, your goldfish, your dog, cat, iguana-whatever it might be. But, there's something about a horse... something very different. They depend on you to keep them healthy, they're very time consuming, very costly but the rewards you get in return is second to none. The joy of hacking out or going for a drive in my case... you get to explore places in different paces. In beautiful surroundings no car can reach. Smudge taught me practically everything I know about horses, riding and driving and I cannot explain how much she means to me. She's ever so patient and always enjoyed what we were doing. She was the perfect pony to learn with. For that, I thank her with all my heart and I just hope she knows how much I love her and she means to me. How thankful I am to her for teaching me. Her & of course I couldn't of done it without my Aunty & Uncle who own her. I will always be so, so thankful to them for all the time and effort they put into my enjoyment and success! We won so much together, I have over 12 rosettes I won with her, a couple of trophies and Shields. But those experiences are invaluable.
 So, on the day I decided to say goodbye to her, for that last time...I had to wear makeup that was country girl enough, I thought! Also...some waterproof mascara!

My full Bronzed up face :')

My neutral Eyes...

I wanted really neutral makeup that would look nice on camera :) For my eyes I used Elf's Innocent Ivory eyeshadow & Pebble single eyeshadow (stay tuned for my Elf Haul & Review coming hopefully next week!). I then used Maybelline's the rocket volume mascara first, then coated it in the Collection's Killer Curves waterproof mascara to give them a touch of waterproofness. For my face I used Milani's Bronze Duo in 01 Sunset City, Aveda's Bronze Patina Stick and then Benefit's Dallas Ultra Plush gloss on ma lips :).

All products used

So, that's it :) I am sorry this was a tad sad of a post, but I hope you won't mind too much, I love you all and Thank you for your support x x x

Nomnomnom Polos :')

I'll love you forever...<3

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