Wednesday, 7 August 2013

MUA Haul! Review, Swatches, Looks etc :)

So when MUA had an online sale, lots of products half price or 25% off etc, I had to get a little haul! So I picked up these beauties:

My little haul

 First up, the Beauty Balm in Light:
Firstly, this Beauty Balm SMELLS amazing. Has a great coverage that is buildable and it DOES NOT oxidise! It blends no! Melts into the skin and! Can you tell I am a tad obsessed... ;) It feels weightless/like your not wearing anything and It doesn't slide off during the day (but I do recommend setting it with powder). Overall: A*
Nothing but MUA's Beauty Balm in Light on :)
Secondly, and this works well with the Beauty Balm-The Fashionista Satin Touch Powder in Sand:
At first I thought this powder would be too...powder-ey, if you know what I mean! I thought it would be too cakey and oxidise. I couldn't be more wrong. It is the perfect shade, milled very finely, it is pressed but the exact amount comes off when needed. It does move off quite easily though, so a touch up every few hours is needed. However, this is mattifying it is amazing! I got a very good colour match for my skin and am very, very impressed with it's ability to make my skin look perfectly matte but not Caked. Overall: A-Cannot fault for the price & the packaging is so cool!
The Powder has this awesome swivel lid with a mirror inside

It moves 360 degrees!

My Full face with BB & Powder over the top.
Next up, the Fashionista Double Ended Mascara: this is not exactly as fantastic as I thought it would be!
The white side looks fantastically white! Not sure I can pull it off though, really! :P It's great to go with some white falsies I have that I want to use for a really arty look sometime. The main reason this mascara doesn't wow me though is how natural it makes my lashes look. I like a really fake lash look (really winged out and lots of volume, curl etc XD) and this does not give this...It is nice if you want a natural look or if your lashes are really difficult to lengthen as the white primer acts well. Overall: C
Close up of the Mascara...

 Lip Boom in "Bring It": Now, Y'all know I love and covet the Lip Booms and this is no exception. It's gorgeously pigmented with colour and looks simply astounding with the glitter gloss atop! (and like all the others it smells AMAZING!) Overall: A** -I am so close to owning all of them now!
Just Lipstick side of Bring It
Lipstick & Gloss on top of Bring It
Lipstick & Gloss on top of Bring It
Love Heart's Lip Balm in "Great Lips": Nice nude colour, nice glossy texture, not sticky! Makes for a nice luxurious feeling lip balm. Overall: B+ -not my favourite colour but very nice :)

Great Lips and nothing else on my lips :)
The Britain's Next Top Model I am taking on holiday to France with me (leaving today!) and so I am going to wear it everyday and do a different eye look everyday and give it a full review when I get back, so keep your eye out for that! Below are some pix of my full face with some of these products on, I hope you've enjoyed this review! Let me know what you picked up in their sale!! See you when I get back x x x
My Full Face (BB, Powder, Britain's Next Top Model Palette-on the eyes, Lip Balm) (other stuff too :P)
In Really Bright Natural Light with n:)

My Full Face (BB, Powder, Britain's Next Top Model Palette-on the eyes, Lip Balm) (other stuff too :P)
In Natural Light with Flash :)

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