Wednesday, 7 August 2013

JanuaryBeautyful's LOGO released!

As my blog is getting more & more popular and I my makeup jobs are getting more interest, I wanted to have a JanuaryBeautyful logo created so it's becoming more of a brand! Which is quite exciting for me :D

Anyhoo, I asked my amazing art-y friend Evie (yerp, the girl I went to Rocky Horror with ;) ) if she could come up for something for me :)

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Isn't it pretty!? Let me know what you think and expect to see this a bit more in the upcoming weeks! eekk! XD

So if you want to get in contact with Evie to create something for yourself or a friend (she does beautiful commissions of horseys and things XD) please find her on her Deviant Art: ShadowDaChampionPony
and/or message her on Facebook for more details :)

I am going to be back on weds night so please bear with me for replying to emails etc! X X X

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