Monday, 19 August 2013

52WODN 19.8.13 Kiwis! Part of my 3 week Fruit Fest XD x

Photo: How cute is the fruity nail trend that's going around? Have a look at some of our faves below.
Photo off of GoodThing's Facebook Page :)
After seeing the super cute pictures off of GoodThing's Facebook page: I have now decided to try them out for myself in a 3 week Fruit Fest!

So here is this week's creation: Kiwis. This one looked like the easiest to do. In fairness, it was simple to think through...but, not so easy to actually create :P Funnily enough, though, my first attempt (my left thumb) turned out to be my very best one! The trick to them looking good, I found, is that you make the white bit as big as you can and the black dots as SMALL as possible too, it's all about the detailing XD

So to get this look I used Sally Hansen's Mousseline as the base creamy/white colour all over the nail. I then used the end of a pencil (y'know the rubber that's usually more smudgey and messy than rubbing out-ey?) dipped in Illasmaqua's Radium. I then made the lil' dots with a black nail art pen :)

My Dodgy Left hand XD
My PERFECT Left Thumb!!!
My Not so bad Right Hand >.<
My ALREADY chipped right thumb :P

I was pretty shocked by how quickly my right hand chipped, but I am not sure if that's perhaps because I started doing stuff too quickly after painting them :/ However, from a distance these nails look SOO much like Kiwis! People have been guessing them correctly so they must do :P and up can still sorta tell >.< haha!

Well keep your eyes PEELED for next week's addition in the that a clue? You decide! :P xxx

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