Monday, 5 August 2013

52WODN! Somewhat like the tweenies... :/ 5.8.13

These nails were originally supposed to be like Golf Racing Colours (some car thing that ed always bangs on about when I wear orange and blue... :P) and I intended them to be cute little triangles until I realised that actually this looks a lot like Jake from The Tweenies. No Joke.

Well...that's just what I thought :/ hahaaa! Oh dear!

My Left Hand

My Right Hand :)

I have to say I think...ONCE Left hand looks better with 3 dots/triangles. Than the Right hands' two dots and weird-ass thing on the thumb! lmao. Oh dear...lets look forward to the next one! :P

Anyhoo, to get this look I used a Nail Polish from Claire's Accessories in this gorgeous bright royal blue colour and a Model's Own Nail Polish in  Beach Party (from the Hedkandi Collection). Good luck with re-creating this awful look! :P xxx

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