Monday, 26 August 2013

52WODN Banana! Minions would be jealous of these nails... :P x

This is the second week in my 3week Fruit Fest! My Kiwi's actually lasted over 10days without chipping-so that's really good, and you can see them here:  But back onto this week! I kinda hinted at Bananas and when googling it, very few designs came up-however! I really, really liked this kinda pop-art-ey Andy Warhol Banana design...

 I used Barry M's 295 "Pure Turquoise" as the Blue Base coat, Barry M's Textured Nail Paint 304 "Station Road" as the Yellow Banana colour (the fact it's textured I think made it slightly better...more banana-erey. :P) I then used a black nail art pen (from Paperchase) to draw the outlines of the 'Nanas XD

My Left Hand :)
Left Thumb :D
My Right Hand XD
My Right Thumb!
I actually think ALL of my nails look really great!! Maybe this week Left Fingers get the gold rather than left thumb :P but right thumb is NOT that bad for once! :P I think you should all go and try this as it seemed to work really well! haha

x x x

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