Friday, 23 August 2013

The wonders of the eBay world!

I have been an avid user of eBay for a few years now. Started out on my mum's account, buying stuff then giving her the money and as soon as I turned 18 created my own account and have started selling stuff.
You can make a lot of money, so here's my tips on how to get people to bid/bid good money :P *Please note this is all just my opinion and not all of these things may work for you. But they may help :)

1) Be Honest. There is nothing worse than reading a description of someone selling a face cream (for example) saying oh I've only just touched this pot of cream, looking at the photo and seeing it's got maybe a penny sized piece left in the pot. Or, someone lying about the condition of an item, using a photo that was taken a few years ago. When the item arrives it looks dreadful this is not only a disappointment when it happens to you but can make your buyer leave you bad feedback. So just be as honest as possible.

2) Take Clear Pictures: and Put up a LOT of them. As mentioned above with being honest, you need to be honest in your photos too. Take pictures of the item from all angles and choose the better ones by all means, but if there's a scratch, dent or blemish of some kind make sure you have a close up picture in good light. This will help make buyers trust you and bid honestly...and then go on to leave good feedback.

3) Be as descriptive as you can possibly be! Now, I am not saying you need to have got an A* at GCSE English to do this, all you need is to talk about your experiences with it, say why your selling it (Including if it doesn't work-when an electrical item!)-if the colour doesn't match your skin tone-say so! The buyer really wants/needs to know as much information as possible about the item BEFORE they bid. I personally hate it when I go to click on an eyeshadow for instance by Benefit and someone says in the description "Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow". AND THAT IS IT!?
-HOW MUCH IS LEFT IN IT? (I generally give a rough percentage)
-IS IT DRIED UP A BIT/Has it been affected in any way...?
-100% GENUINE?

These are just the bare minimums in my opinion and I have to say ALL of my items sell.

4) CLEAN THE ITEM(S): There is one thing worse than a mismatching description with real item, the item arriving all clogged up with the persons' old products, when you buy used makeup it should ALWAYS be sent sharpened, cleaned, sanitised, washed, wiped down, top scraped off, WITH NO USED SPONGES/APPLICATORS. This is DISGUSTING. I DO NOT want to be sat there cleaning off all your dead skin cells and eye gunge when I am excited about receiving the product. In fact, if the product looks like this in the photo, I generally recommend you do not buy it as it very unhygienic and could result in you becoming ill/contracting conjunctivitis etc.

5) Make sure you know your P&P charges: If you have a small dress, for example, that can be folded up and parcelled up neatly chances are it'll only cost around £3.35, however, if it's a massive makeup bundle with lots of products it can vary from £5.95-£10. So either make sure you know exactly how much it'll cost and put this as your P&P charge, otherwise you'll end up with the buyer having to pay the Post Office as it's incorrect postage-Thus leading too unhappy buyers and bad feedback for you. OR be prepared that if it is more when you go to send off the parcel to consume that much more it is yourself and not pass it on to the buyer. I recommend knowing your prices, google the weight/dimensions etc of your parcel and you'll be all good :)

6) Do put a disclaimer but Don't be rude: If you don't say it's from a smoke free or pet free home, they won't know! If you don't want any International Bidders-SAY SO, you don't wanna end up with that guy from Peru asking for your old collection of heavy teddies as this will be a pain to post! If you'd like them to pay within a certain time frame-SAY SO, Similarly Tell them how long it'll take you to dispatch the item from payment clearing. However, if you don't want international bidders don't say something rude or offensive (like someone I know-not naming names) like "No International Bidders, If you do not understand this ask someone who speaks English". This can seem really intimidating and rude to buyers, especially those that speak English! Another example is do not say threatening phrases like "if you do not agree to my terms..." or "these are my bidding rules..." as eBay does not like this and nor do your buyers!

Essentially the eBay world works like this:

Buyer: I want to buy something but don't want to/can't afford full price at retail
Seller: I want to sell this as I don't use it anymore and could do with getting some cash from it

Seller: *spends good 15 minutes taking pictures and writing description-makes listing*
Buyer: Ooh look! Here's one! *Click* The photos are amazingly clear and the description goes into a lot of depth, this person knows what they're talking about and is a good one to go with :D

*Item Ending Soon*
Buyer: Yes! I won! Oh boy I better pay right away as I can't wait to receive my item
Seller: Oh wow, this sold for such a great price! It was really worth my time and effort putting this listing up

Buyer: *Pays for item straight after winning, via paypal*
Seller: *Posts Item next day*

few days later...

Seller: *Leaves good feedback to the buyer as they paid quickly and had no quibbles*
Buyer: *Leaves good feedback to the seller as they sent the item and gave perfect description, with reasonable P&P rates*

-The eBay world is happy and continues to revolve healthily.

haha! I hope you do actually get some help from this guys, remember these are all just MY OPINION, they're not always going to help/work but they should :) Don't forget to look out for free listings offers and Good Luck & Happy eBay-ing! :P xxx

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