Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Glitter Sticks for Face, Body, Anywhere! For HOW Much!?

So today I wanted to share with you yet another one of my FANTASTIC The Works (A Chain Store here in the UK :) ) FINDS! This one is rather exciting too!

It's these pwetty Glitter Sticks that go on your face, body (arms, legs etc) and Glisten, Gleam & Glitter! (and Sparkle but that was going to ruin my 3 G's :P).

Front Packaging

The Tubes themselves! How cute?? :3
The Product Sticks

The Packaging
 Don't you think this packaging is somewhat reminiscent of Benefit's Hello Flawless font?? Soo adorable!

Back of Packaging-Instructions!


Swatches in Pure Sunlight! To show you the shimmer :D
These aren't pigmented sticks with glitter in them. They're purely glitter sticks! I quite like them and think they're perfect for festivals! Only thing is they do stay sticky for quite a while after application, so keep that in mind when you buy them. Now to amaze you with the price...£1.99! They also came in a huge variety of colours, like blue, green, red etc. These were just the two that stood out most to me :)

I know! So amazing! I really want to re-iterate my love of The Works. It's such a good shop! make sure you ALWAYS give it a look through! Like me, you may get some gorgeous bargains.

My Makeup Bag is one of the many things I've picked up from there:

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