Monday, 17 June 2013

52 Weeks of Delicious Nails, 17.06.13. A Laid Back Nude-ey week before Barcelona Brights!

As the title suggests this week's nails are all laid back and relaxed (whilst still looking tres chic I will add!). This is because I don't want to do too much to my nails before my Barcelona BRIGHTS! I've decided on BRIGHT Nail Wraps of some sorts....not sure what ones yet (decisions,! haha).

So, for the base colour I used Headline Colors nail polish (from my May Glossybox) and for the squiggly lines I used my Paperchase's Nail Art Pen in Black :)

My Left Hand :)

My Right Hand....urgh! IT's always so difficult to photograph it! haha XD
*Random Insert Alert!* Here's a Chibi my friend Evie (the one I went to rocky horror with: drew of me!

See! I have a lil' duo fibre brush and smokey shadow palette! :P I love it XD Plus my boobs look amazing. ngl ;) x

You can catch Evie's work on her deviant art: ShadowDaChampionPony and her stuff is amazing so I'd definitely recommend looking at it (it is mainly cartooney horses just FYI :D)

So, yeah, that's it for this post! keep an eye out for my posts while I am away (not sure if I'll be able to fb link them y'see :P) and if you haven't yet then LIKE my Facebook Page! ( xxx

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