Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pirate Party! ooo-ARRGGGGHHH!

Nicki is having a "Pirates Vs Mexicans" Party for her Nineteenth, so I am as going as a Pirate and Ed is going as a Mexican. As a group, we LOVE pirates (I am talking long hair, beards, guns and swords, rum-drinking, cool type pirates) and so this party is Ace for us! haha! Now when I was first thinking about my outfit I thought ooh I can buy a really pretty one off of eBay and after talking to Ed about it, I thought actually, Alestorm (a Pirate metal band) would be proud of me if I dressed as an awesome rock-chick Pirate!

So, this is what I am planning on wearing...

My Pirate Outfit!

 Everything is actually from Primark! Haha, I swear most of my clothes are... o.O But I love it! haha so, yeah, all I did was grab some cheap leggings (black and white stripey seemed quite pirate-like :P) and Thought oooh a Floaty Blouse tucked in will look great!

Without the Waistcoat

 I cannot decide which ring to wear though....I'll probably see how I feel on the day :) I really think the Far Left (that almost covers the whole finger!) would be perfect...that or my Pearl Pair.

Now to decide on a bandanna...
Shoes :)

 If I wear my Red Snakeskin Boots, chances are I'll wear my red Bandanna, but, If not then I'll probs wear my Black Cowboy Boots. We'll see... XD

And this is the Make-up Design I've done :D
Pirate Makeup Design

As you can see, this look is quite Dirty in that, Pirates were dirty, so I'll be using quite a bit of benefit's Hoola matte bronzer all over the face to not only contour but to make me look a little like I haven't washed in a while....But! In a sexy way....course ;) I'll probably layer it with some Nars' Laguna to create a more multi-tonal contoured look.

The eyes are quite red based, this is because red/brown etc are quite pirat-ey colours to wear, so this look is all about smokey, smudged up brown eyes framed with gorgeously thick lashes (crackin' out the falsies I think). The brows aren't overly strong and that's because I just want them neatly groomed but natural as no Pirate Lass would've had too much time to go over her brows in the mornin' before making prisoners' walk the plank! haha! :D

The lips are going to be the main focal point, they need to be red as red can be, hence I am using Mac's Ruby Woo (riri woo is exactly the same) and line with black kohl underneath for a more dirty, pronounced look.

This is rather exciting as I do love dressing up / making different makeup looks, so, I am really looking forward to rocking this look XD If you'd like to see some of my other looks here's a couple:
Yellow Doll:http://tinyurl.com/cvweqln
Magenta RHPS:http://tinyurl.com/or23ayt

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