Saturday, 15 June 2013

Primani Strikes again, this time.....Make Up..... O.o x

As you all know, I absolutely adore Primark, 90% of my clothes are from there and I do think it's excellent value for money. I used to be a bit of a snob though, and never ventured to try their makeup through thinking 'arghh, it'll probably be crap-for £2 AND it's in Primark'. How WRONG could I have been. My friend Lucy bought me an eyeshadow palette for my Birthday and I have not looked back since!

Here's what they look like, there's a light and dark one (with light and dark packaging, handily!)

 So let's start with the Light Palette:
Light Palette, With Flash.
Light Palette, No Flash.

Light Palette Swatches, With Flash.

 As you can see the pale pink shade (second from left) is literally the same colour as your eyelid's skin, so, that works nicely to help tame my oily lids!
The bottom row of shadows are ever so richly pigmented and the very first shadow are smooth as butter, very nice to work with and blend :')

Light Palette Swatches, No Flash.
(as you can see it was a horrible overcast day :P)

 As you can see the pink shade practically blends into my skin perfectly :') And the (bottom right) raspberry shade just looks so rich and pigmented, I cannot wait to do something awesome with this!
The only shade I am slightly disappointed with is the (top right) grey shade that's not really frosted/not matte, it's somewhere strange in between but isn't as smooth or as rich as the others :(
Dark Palette, With Flash.
Dark Palette, No Flash.
Dark Palette Swatches, With Flash.

I really like all the shadows in this palette apart from one, which happens to be the grey (second from top left) Maybe Primark just can't make a nice pale grey? Don't know :S I am not overly keen on the far right (top) which is also a dark grey (coincidence? :P)
But I do really love the two in the bottom right, they're gorgeously rich and pigmented with an ease to blend.

Dark Palette Swatches, No Flash.

I am not sure about the two blues (bottom left) but we'll see :D
I do, however, really like the purple! No surprises there ;)

 Overall, I just cannot get over the quality of these shadows. They're (majority) very blendable and smooth, most are nicely pigmented-some very richly pigmented which is always a nice surprise :)
I think, mainly the sheer value for money here is just astounding, I mean, consumer surplus through the roof here! XD
Did you catch my massive postey review thing on cream eyeshadows and bases? You can here:

 I've put in some eye looks below with the shadows I used next to them :) Please note that any creasing is due to my extremely watery eyes-suffering from awful Hayfever at the moment! :'(
Purple from the Dark Palette, all over lid (lightly) with Benefit's
Magic Ink lining upper lashline only.

Nice nude look created with the light palette, no liner.

Silver-ey Grey from light palette, with the brown shadow
lining the top lashline.

Smokey Eye Created with almost all the shadows of the Dark
Palette :) Kohl lining lower lashline.

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