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ELF Haul Review :') See my Hits & Misses + Have I found a Dupe for Bareminerals??

Similar to my most recent MUA Haul ( ) Elf had a fantastic offer of 40% off every shop with a special code (they advertise them freely on their website, so, be sure to have signed up to their mailing list and check their site regularly!) So I had to get a little Haul ^.^

Everything I bought out on the grass :')

I bought the Flawless Finish Foundation, Personal Blend Foundation, Duo Cream Eyeshadow in “Coffee & Cream” and “Olive”, Shimmer Palette, Cover Everything Concealer, Hypershine Gloss in "Vixen", Shimmering Facial Whip in "Spotlight", Luscious Liquid Lipstick in “Baby Lips”, Lip Shine in "Honey Do", Studio Pigment Eyeshadows in "Magical Maroon" and "Naturally Nude".

Concealer, Foundation & Honey Do Lip Gloss Swatches
Foundation: My first annoyance is that it is way too dark, though it's the second to last colour (Porcelain was out of stock and I usually stay away from the name as it suggests a pink undertone). Very annoying-though it does have a nice yellow tone that matches my skin, so I don't look tooo out of place :). It did cover but only after a VERY good shake and mix, so, please shake it before you use it. I had to use quite a bit to get more coverage the first time-but the second time I needed hardly any (suggesting it just takes a good mix and shake). It doesn't last overly long though...maybe 4 hours? Rather disappointed with that, though its worth noting that the packaging is very nice and the pump of good quality. It did start with having the semi-matte finish it promises along with even-ing out skin tone but it does not last all day. Overall: D –will be good for those who don’t need/like a medium-heavy coverage/good for photoshoot as it looks perfect for about 10 minutes.

Cover Everything Concealer: This comes out a LOT lighter than it looks in the pot, this is a good concealer, nicely pigmented. It does cover everything well, but! It’s too light and brightening for spots really, I found myself covering spots with the concealer (after applying foundation) then applying a swipe of foundation over the top to make it a tad darker (The problem worsened by the dark foundation). Though, it did last very well (considering the heat and the slide-y foundation). It does do everything it promises on the box! but maybe next time I'll buy medium instead of light. Overall: B (worth the money, just make note it’s very light-I would’ve preferred something more skin coloured-great for under eyes though).

Superglossy Lip Shine “Honey Do”: The first thing I noticed-even when I opened up my package-was a very strong fruity smell. That was from this! WOW DOES IT SMELL! It’s not a nasty smell like the Hypershine, but it is fake and a bit overpowering. I am not totally sure if I liked this product as I don't think I have ever used a gloss so THICK-but it wasn't sticky or gloopy! It wasn't very pigmented at all but did have a nice shine to it. Plus, it was long wearing :) Overall: C (not enough pigmentation for me and I couldn't stand the smell for more than a minute :S)

Personal Blend Foundation: This is a mineral powder foundation. You get 4 colours which you can mix and match (I like to just mix them all together). The shades are quite different between them but once blended together do not make a HUGE difference of your actual skin colour (unless you only use the two darkest shades). The actual powder is quite nice, blends nicely-isn’t matte after 2 hours though :/ (but it is only meant to be a mineral foundation-I don’t think it’s meant to be matte) It does feel weightless & I like using it atop sheer liquid like a tinted moisturiser (which are slightly too rich and shiney for my skin) It is true to the colour shown in the powder (so be wary, it’s not that sheer!) which means it has a nice medium-full coverage (if you like to build) without looking cakey, if anything I thought this is just like Bare minerals Powder XD I am pleased with this but I do have a REAL annoyance with the packaging!! It's so difficult to get the bloomin' powder out with the silly little strainer thing it has on it. I am not very pleased with it at all-They definitely could've made this better-I just took the sifter out. Overall: A* (After using for a week, I'd say this is a DUPE FOR BAREMINERALS. NO JOKE. See my Bare minerals makeover and review here: )

 (Pictures of my whole made up face are at the end :) )

Shimmer Palette (First 4) Shimmering Facial Whip (last-spotlight)

Shimmer Palette: I have worn this palette NON-STOP for the last week and a half now. I LOVE it, they're so creamy, so dreamy! So soft but are very highly packed with shimmer so be warned!-A little goes a long way. It dries to a gorgeous shimmer on the face and stays really well. It doesn't move very much around your face so your pores won't end up being like the Blackpool illuminations (which is always nice :)). The different colours are not that noticeable in the swatches but on the face are and I feel it adds really nicely to the look your wearing (Today, I am wearing a Pink and White Eye with the new Sleek Candy Blush by 3-Dolly Mix-and So I used the deeper pink shade of the palette on my cheeks and it really just ties it all in). Overall: This is most likely my new FAVOURITE product from this haul A*

Shimmering Facial Whip: I wore this to Kelly’s Wedding Reception (makeup post here: and I really like it! It’s very pigmented so you only need a tiny amount. It lasted all night looked really pretty (didn’t move and make me look really shiney elsewhere). I can easily compare this with MAC’s – and Benefit’s Highbeam type products. Overall, I am so pleased with this: A* -GO BUY IT! XD

Cream Eyeshadow Duos
Look How Pretty it Looks!!
 Cream Eyeshadow Duo “Olive”: At first I was thinking Nars' Paramaribo (as I almost always do with a green eyeshadow duo :P) But I was so disappointed with this! It pretty much creased as I put it on!! (I even had a good-well trusted-primer on!) Also, on my hand it was swatched all pretty and green and brown, but when put on my eyes all sort of merged into a bronzeyy colour (which was nice, but if I wanted that I would’ve bought that!)
Cream Eyeshadow Duo “Coffee & Cream”: This was a similar story, unfortunately...It just creased (not as quickly as Olive nor did it merge as quickly as Olive...but it did crease) It also did merge into one weird colour. Not very happy. Swatches beautifully but on the eyes (even with UD Primer Potion) Goes EVERYWHERE but where you want it... Overall rating: E (after trying these and the Jumbo there any point me bothering with the studio cream eyeshadows?? :L)

Coffee & Cream Duo, slightly better than Olive...
Studio Pigments above, 2 Lip products below
Luscious Liquid Lipstick “Baby Lips”: This colour is gorgeously nude and glossy. It had a nice minty smell and was not sticky at all. It wasn’t very noticeable on the lips but I am not sure if that’s because I picked a colour very close to my own lips shade. It didn’t feel heavy and lasted well and like stated on the packaging-was soothing! I am not totally sure if it softens or hydrates but the tops of my lips did feel soothed from their hay fever stinging. It did last well too (only to disappear after 3 hours cos’ of my drinking out of a mug). Also, as this is called a “liquid lipstick”….I wouldn’t call it that, I’d call it a gloss! This didn’t dawn on me until I started writing this, as I liked it so much, I didn’t realise that when I first bought it I assumed it’d be a lipstick form. Overall: B (just wish there was a more punchy colour).

Hypershine Lipgloss “Vixen”: This was a lovely colour but quite sheer so I had to use a lot to get my desired effect, I think I’ll pop a lipstick underneath next time to amp up the colour a bit. It did however, have a very wet-look shine and was a nice wearable colour. My only real complaint is that it has an awful smell! This does fade quickly (thank god) But it can be a real turn off to me picking it up :S. Overall: B (Wish it was more pigmented & smelt nicer :L).
Pigment Eyeshadow "Naturally Nude": These pigment eyeshadows are so richly pigmented :') The only thing I dislike about these is the annoying packaging, you need to take the sifter out as it does not let ANYTHING through and that is....really, really annoying D: (similar to the Personal Blend Mineral Foundation's packaging). I do love the actual product though. They almost look duo chromed/multi-tonal. Naturally Nude is gorgeous on the eyes on it's own though be warned, the swatch on the website is a LOT lighter than it is in person, in real life it's a deep gold.
"Magical Maroon" is a lot darker- I was hoping it would be a tad more Burgundy. That's just my own preference though, it's still a gorgeously pigmented dust. The formula is quite thick though, so, be wary that it can be a bit grainy and tough on lids at times (especially on the sensitive hay fever suffering eyes at the moment). Considering they're a pigment, the fall out isn't too hard to clear up, nor does it come as a surprise we have fall out. Overall: A -very nice product, I will be buying other colours after I come back from Holiday! XD
Magical Maroon Lining my eyes.

Full Face with Flawless Finish Foundation, Olive Cream eye duo, cover everything concealer, vixen hypershine lipgloss & a light dusting of personal blend powder.
Flash on, Dark(ish) room


Full Face with Personal blend foundation (over moisturiser only), Honey Do Lip Gloss, Coffee & Cream eye duo, Magical Maroon pigment (lining eyes), Shimmer Palette & cover everything concealer.
Flash On, Dark Room
Flash On, Light/Brighter Room (very overcast day)
Flash Off, Light/Brighter Room (very overcast day)
Overall, I am pleased with my haul I had 3 misses, 4 hits and 2 mehhs. Not bad really! Plus, I just love trying out new products so it's not like it was a chore to do this :) I am intrigued now as to whether elf actually make any eye products I'll like (apart from the pigment of course!) so when they next have an offer I'll make sure I buy lots of different eye stuffs :) Thanks so much for reading this guys! xxx

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