Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Barcelona is only a couple of weeks away and I cannot wait :'D Part 1-Outfits

We (Ed, me, Andy & Annie) are going off to SUNNY Barcelona together for a week in July and I simply, cannot wait. It's going to be so much fun and mostly, SUNNY!
Anyhoo, seeing as I do outfits and makeup plans for special occasions, parties etc. I thought why not do some for our Holiday?! So here are some outfit ideas I've come up with :)

My First Few are beachwears, This is my absolute favourite Bikini, from Primark, I believe the Top was £8 and the Bottoms £4!

They're so gorgeous and look really great on, not gonna lie ;)
I am not totally sure where the hat's from but it looks great with the Bikini :D

 My second and Favourite bikini is also from Primark, this one had a slightly cheaper Top again around the £6 mark and the Bottoms were the same at £4 which, for a supportive bra and knickers, isn't that bad!

To the right, this is a cover up I bought from Jane Norman in their most recent sale for £7 and I love it, I really like fringed details and I like how this is quite opaque too :)

This is the second Cover-Up, this ones from Primark too! haha, I know, it seems like everything I own is from there! D: This cover up was only like £6 :)
The necklace is was also from Primark and the camera's annoyed me slightly as it always shows it as orangey when in real life it's more pink :/
I do think this Bikini looks really quite stunning under this cover up though!

 This is my absolute Favourite Full Bodied Swim Suit, It's so retro, so pretty, I always wanna have curly hair & BIG sunglasses when I wear it haha! It's just gorgeous and very flattering, though could do with a tad bit more boobage support :L playing volleyball will not happen in this. I got this from a store called Chamile for around £12 but I believe they went into administration a while ago which is a shame as they did nice lingerie and underwear for plus sized girls at affordable prices :(

Then this is my all time most favourite Maxi Dress, it's so me as it is a kind of weird leopard/not leopard print and I simply love wearing this, I feel elegant and can be a little fat in it :P

And this Gorgeous Sunflower Playsuit is from....3 guesses here-Primark! XD (around £9) Along with the long cardigan (around £4) shown in the right which is really nice and lightweight but also warming when needed :3 The belt is off of a River Island Playsuit I have but, tbh, I doubt I'll bother taking the belt with me.

Next up is this sight-seeing and "running around" outfit which I have come up with :P It's very simple and I included a cover up in case we end up staying out quite late and/or I needed to dress more conservatively for the area. The Vest & High wasted Leopard shorts are from Primark and the Cover Up Next door> Is from Monsoon
 The picture does not do it justice btw, it is beautifully detailed all down the front :')

 This is another sightseeing outfit and tbh, I'll probably choose between this one and the one above to make my luggage more light :)
 The High wasted light coloured shorts are from Primark, the Leopard Waterfall vest is from H&M and the Cover up is from India so, I have no idea what brand etc it is :L

 Look at the beautiful detailing on it though! It's so gorgeous I wear it all the time when it's hot.

 Here's the last out of my sightseeing outfits, Black Vest and Pink Shorts (both from H&M) Don't know that I'll bother with this one as it will be VERY HOT in Barcelona, I burn up easily and therefore I think this would just be asking for trouble. However, it is very cute and I thought worth a mention :P

 Now onto some evening outfits. I know Ed and Andy won't want to go out clubbing every night. Neither will Annie for that matter, and so I've come up with some outfits that will suit most places (I think :P) This is the first to suit more relaxed outings, consisting of the same White Vest & cardigan from previous and some Gorgeous Primark Trousers which I absolutely adore :') I got these when I went and did my Superdrug haul (which you can see here: ) for £9 and I love them :')

And here's my Going out for PARTAYING dress ;) did I mention I love fringing? :P

My Summer Sandal-ey Shoes :')

My Summery Going Out Shoes ;)
So I haven't actually chosen what shoes I am going to be taking with me yet, I am pretty sure ed will be the decision maker here, as he does like to take over some times!
Look out for Part 2 of Barcelona Posts, the Makeup, the Hair, the Accessories!

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